Thursday, February 03, 2005

I blog, therefore I am

If you're a blogger, admit it: you've thought about, wondered about, ruminated on, why you blog.

Debra, who's As I See It Now is graced with lovely nostalgic photographs and beautifully-written thoughts, has been writing about this very subject. The comments people have left in response are just as enlightening.

I've been caught up lately in the quest to increase my readership, but Debra has the right perspective on readership stats: "... you see, my stats counter--all those numbers--are rather like seeds in the Bible's parable of the sower of the seeds. To me, each number represents a valuable life--the heart of a seed, if you will. And well, when I see the seeds pouring in, I pray for them--that they will fall upon fertile soil and grow strong, tall and free.

"So that is why the numbers matter to me. Each number represents a beating heart, one which matters indescribably to God."

Blogging our hearts out?

And while we're on the subject, via Joy of Karagraphy, a look at why we blog, particularly young adults. Jeremy Huggins tackles the subject in depth in Blogging Our Hearts Out.

So why do I blog?

For me, it's relatively simple (although I confess I never foresaw that I would be so concerned about increasing readership!)

Bene Diction Blogs On asked the same question not long ago, and this was my reply then:

"Well, in my case, it helps satisfy a need for written self-expression that has been a part of me since I first learned to string together sentences on paper. Writing has always been an outlet for me.

"An outlet, but not always necessarily a private one. As a radio personality, I enjoy interaction with listeners. As a news announcer, I enjoy imparting information to people that they might not otherwise hear. As a blogger, I find my self eager to share things with my readers--fun stuff, trivia, my thoughts and opinions on books, music, entertainment, politics, faith.

"When I read or hear or experience something, I want to share it. Sharing it in writing is fun and enjoyable for me.

"I suppose that, in a nutshell, is why I blog. I want to write for others to read, and this is the easiest way I know how."

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