Monday, January 31, 2005

Sometimes this radio gig is pretty cool

A major plus: getting to interview and/or meet cool people.

Today, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs stopped in the studio for an interview promoting his upcoming Love and Respect marriage conference in March at Rockford's First Assembly of God church.

I had heard great things about Emerson, and he was so personable and charming. Plus, he kindly autographed a copy of his book, Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires, the Respect He Desperately Needs,for me. I'll definitely be reading it. The premise makes a lot of sense to me...that women need to feel loved most, and men need to feel respected most.

Last week, I interviewed Patti Hill, author of Like a Watered Garden, which I reviewed here not long ago. It was great talking to Patti and hearing about the journey that led her to write and publish her first novel.

By the way, I was very pleased to see that Infuze Magazine used my review of "Like a Watered Garden"...check it out. Infuze is a very cool online magazine; one of the staffers is Julie Anne Fidler of Fidler on the Roof.

I just did an interview today with Robin Lee Hatcher. I had heard of Robin, but didn't really become familiar with her until I started visiting her blog, which is excellent. I just finished Robin's Catching Katie, and can't wait to start Beyond the Shadows.

Robin and I had a great talk. I'll put transcripts of my interviews with Patti and Robin here on my blog in the near future.

More blog names I love...

Cool and clever blog titles:

Blogin' Idiot

Weapon of Mass Distraction
Dead Man Blogging

If you know of any cool, funny or clever blog names, feel free to note them in my comments section.

Oh, and happy Monday, everyone...

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