Monday, February 28, 2005

No, I didn't watch the Oscars

I'm not going to say I boycotted them, because who would the fact that Cindy Swanson didn't watch the Oscars really affect or punish?

I'm a movie buff, I admit it...and I usually watch as least the last hour or so of the Academy Awards, mainly out of curiosity. This time, I had absolutely no desire to do so.

As I commented on La Shawn Barber's blog, "In a year when 'The Passion of the Christ' is almost completely ignored, while a movie that is essentially a commercial for assisted suicide is glorified, I said 'Forget it.' Now I’m glad I didn’t waste my time."

La Shawn doesn't mince words in her review of Oscar night, particularly Chris Rock's role as host, calling it "a triumph of ignorance and vulgarity."

I also liked what Evon Bachaus said in La Shawn's comments: "I didn’t watch. If I want to hear a lot of Republican bashing I can get in an argument with one of my liberal friends. I quit watching 'West Wing' for the same reason."

And I've got to say the prediction I blogged on February 17th came true: "If I were a betting woman, though, I'd bet on this movie ["Million Dollar Baby"] winning really big at the Oscars this year. I'm sure Swank, Eastwood and Freeman turned in fine performances, but even if they had been mediocre, Academy voters would have been panting to honor 'Million Dollar Baby' if only as a backlash to conservative criticism of the flick."

Would that I was always so right about everything. :)

Meanwhile, an update on Movieguide's Faith and Values Awards

"The Passion of the Christ" may have gotten short shrift from the Oscars and the Golden Globes, but it was a big winner at Movieguide's Faith and Values Awards:

"Mel Gibson’s THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST won the big honors at the 13th Annual MOVIEGUIDE® Faith & Values Awards Gala and Report to the Entertainment Industry, held in the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton on Thursday, February 24.

"The glittering ceremony, also dubbed 'The Christian Oscars', was held just days before Sunday’s 77th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood.

"THE PASSION took home the $50,000 John Templeton Foundation Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring Movie. The 'Happy Trails' episode of PAX-TV’s series DOC won the $50,000 John Templeton Foundation Epiphany Prize for Most Inspiring TV Program.

"The Epiphany Prize is given to the movie and television program that 'greatly increases man’s love and understanding of God.'"

New fiction! YAY!!!

I arrived at work this morning to find a box from Tyndale House awaiting me.

In the box, two new Christian fiction titles: "Storm Gathering" by Rene Gutteridge, and "Flee the Night," by Susan May Warren.

I've never read anything by these two authors, so I'm looking forward to it. Actually, I honestly don't know when I'm going to have time to read, because this is the week we're going to try to move into our new house, and I'm waaay behind on packing. But knowing me, I'll sneak in a little fiction time somewhere!

Just one more Blogospheric Interview:

I really enjoyed the answers to the interviews I did earlier, but I'm going to have to call a halt somewhere.

One last interview...this is for Audrey, a young woman who just started blogging, and I want to give her blog a little exposure! So here you go, Audz!

1) You're getting married this summer. Why do you think your fiance will make a good husband?

2) What was the last really good book you read, and why did you like it?

3) Why did you decide to start a blog, and what do you hope to accomplish with it?

4) Like me, you live in Illinois. Would you live somewhere else if you had a choice, and why or why not?

5) You have doggies. Why are dogs better than cats?

There you go, Audrey...answer these on your blog!

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