Thursday, February 17, 2005

"Million Dollar Baby" revisited

Medved faces harsh criticism

In the vein of my interview with Joni Eareckson Tada about the Oscar-nominated and much-hyped "Million Dollar Baby": conservative movie critic Michael Medved is himself the target of some pretty harsh criticism for daring to speak out against the movie.

Says Medved: "My main objection to 'Million Dollar Baby' always centered on its misleading marketing, and effort by Warner Brothers to sell it as a movie about a female Rocky, with barely a hint of the pitch-dark substance that led Andrew Sarris of the New York Observer (hardly a right-winger) to declare that 'no movie in my memory has depressed me more than 'Million Dollar Baby.'" Read more here.

Medved has always impressed me with his articulate astuteness, and I usually find myself agreeing with him.

If I were a betting woman, though, I'd bet on this movie winning really big at the Oscars this year. I'm sure Swank, Eastwood and Freeman turned in fine performances, but even if they had been mediocre, Academy voters would have been panting to honor "Million Dollar Baby" if only as a backlash to conservative criticism of the flick.

Entertainment Weekly's Dave Karger recently told USA Today: "All the conservative outcry is going to steel Oscar voters in favor of this movie." I believe it.

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