Friday, November 12, 2004

Cartoon yourself!


By way of Robin Lee Hatcher's blog, this site where you can create a cartoon pic of yourself.

I reckon this pic is much kinder to me than an actual caricature artist would be, but hey, it's fun! :)

Immersed in a good book...

Several days ago, I realized that it had been some time since I had delved into a good fiction book.

My library card is maxed out (it's a long story! Well, it has to do with lost books and books literally chewed up by the dog...none of it my fault, but now my library fine resembles the national debt and I'll probably have to take a second job just to pay it off, and so for now I've been avoiding the library :()...Anyway, that means I have to rely on publishers to send me books (which they kindly do, but they aren't all fiction, which is my favorite), or I have to resort to actually buying a book myself...novel (pardon the pun!) concept! :)

By the way, please librarians, don't get mad at me...I AM going to pay that enormous library fine. It makes me wish, though, that the Rockford Public Library would have an Amnesty Day. I've heard of other public libraries doing that, and it sure would be nice in my case.

But I digress. I ended up picking up a book at Wal-Mart that at first glance I thought was fiction, but could actually fit in the stranger-than category. I devoured Ann Rule's Heart Full of Lies in one day, unable to put it down.

It's the true story of Liysa Northon, who I believe (Ann Rule makes a great case for it!) killed her husband Chris in cold blood. Amazingly, she is serving time for a manslaughter charge. The story is fascinating, and told well, without sensationalism or gratuitousness. Liysa is a fascinating character, and I was totally engrossed.

Just when I was starting to need another book fix, I get a package in the mail from B and B Media Group containing two fiction books by Sam Yarney.

I'm more than halfway through Ninety Days, and I've been swept away on a fast-paced journey of international intrigue that includes a potent mix of high finance, spiritual warfare, occultic skulduggery and prophetic fulfillment, along with a dash of romance.

The author is apparently British, the story takes place mostly in England and the book is permeated with the kind of British flavor I love so much... from their unique speaking patterns and wry humor, to a cup of tea being the perfect antidote for everything.

I can so picture this book as a movie in the vein of The Bourne Identity...if done well, it would make a terrific action thriller.

Of course, I've yet to reach the conclusion, so I'll withhold my actual review until then, but it's looking good. And when I do finish it, thankfully they sent me the sequel, Air Rage.

Life is a Carnival!

I've been trying to participate in a couple of blogging "carnivals" lately...partly, quite frankly, to try to attract more readership to my blog.

This week, I entered my post about the passing of abortionist Richard Ragsdale in the Christian Carnival, hosted this week by Digitus, Finger and Co.

I also entered my Hash Brown Casserole recipe in the Carnival of the Recipes, hosted this week by The Common Virtue.

If you're a blogger whose looking to get a bit of attention, you may want to submit your own posts next time. The Christian Carnival will be hosted next week by ChristWeb.
The Carnival of the Recipes is always based at She Who Will Be Obeyed (I LOVE that title!).

Join the fun.

And have a happy Friday, everyone!

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