Monday, November 08, 2004

Marines seek God's help

From the Drudge Report, by way of Nick at Patriot Paradox, this heartening story about US Marines preparing for battle.

Please continue to pray for our troops.

(By the way, the above pic is not of the troops in the's from a story a few months back about Marine Chaplain Carey Cash.)

God is doing a work in Baghdad

I sat spellbound at the culmination of our church's Missions Conference last night, as my old friend Edgar Feghaly showed a video about the New Testament Baptist Church--the church he planted in Baghdad, Iraq. (Edgar was a teen-ager and I was a little girl when our families were friends in Beirut, Lebanon in the mid-60's.)

I watched Iraqis being baptized and worshipping God in their sanctuary in an apartment building in central Baghdad. Edgar says the Iraqis are hungry for and open to the gospel. Awesome.

The picture above is of a worship service at the church, from Edgar's website,

Read on the site to find out how you can help. Right now, Edgar is asking for financial contributions to help children in the Baghdad church have a wonderful Christmas.

You can send checks payable to:

Dr. Edgar Feghaly
Christmas Gift to Children

Send to:

WWNTBM (World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions)
P. O. Box 725
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Later I'll be talking about another wonderful and worthy Christmas project for needy children around the world, Operation Christmas Child. The staff here at 101QFL will be playing an active role in that project this season.

The popularity of Evie lives on...

When I first started my website (it's separate from my blog--check it out!), I wrote an article about my favorite Christmas music and made an offhand comment about Evie Tornquist's "Come On, Ring Those Bells."

You wouldn't believe the number of hits I get seeking info on Evie and that song in particular, not just as Christmas, but all year long.

I even did a little update on Evie in my blog during last year's Christmas season.

Today I got an e-mail from someone who found my site in an Evie search:
"I'm looking for lyrics and chords for Evie's 'Come on Ring those bells'. ( My sister brother and I used to sing it with my mother every year for christmas at our church growing up. Since my mother passed away 10 years ago it holds sentimental value for us! We would like to sing it with her grandchildren now!)

"Anyway the link on your website will no longer work and I'm having a tough time finding it elsewhere. I was wondering if you might know where I can find it?

"Thank you for any help you can give!"

She's right...the lyric/guitar tab link no longer works. However, here are a couple of sites where you can order songbooks containing the sheet music:

And here is a page where you can find the lyrics.

Meanwhile, getting an interview with Evie is on my to-do list for this holiday season...there's definitely plenty of interest in what she's up to!

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