Wednesday, November 03, 2004

That sound you hear is my enormous sigh of relief...

Kerry has conceded.

This from Associated Press: "A Democratic source says Kerry told Bush that the country
was too divided, and that Bush agreed. The official says Kerry
added, 'We really have to do something about it.'"

The country is divided, disturbingly so...and that tells me that we as Christians cannot stop praying now, just because our man is victorious.

We have to take seriously our responsiblity to be salt and light in this dark world. We have to reach people, one on one, with the love of Christ.
Government doesn't change hearts...only God's love can do that.

Whether or not President Bush has a "mandate," it is clear that we as Christians do. We have a mandate to be the instruments of God's love to those around us.

May we pledge to do so, now more than ever.

That said...there are a LOT of things I'm very happy about!

--That President Bush won, of course
--That 11 states voted to ban gay marriage
--That the exit pollsters have egg on their face
--That Tom Daschle lost his senate seat
--That the so-called "youth vote" didn't materialize enough to sway the vote for Kerry...where did I see the headline, "Vote, Die, or Whatever!" :)
--That Teresa Heinz Kerry won't be the first lady

There's more, but I'm too wiped out to remember it right now. A nap is definitely in order for this afternoon.

God Bless America!!!

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