Monday, November 22, 2004

It is so Monday....

Have you ever started out a day eating wrong despite your best intentions? That's what I did today, when Charmel brought coffee cake from Panera Bread. I'm hoping to redeem myself before the damage goes any further!

(By the way, Panera Bread has one of the best chicken salad sandwiches ANYWHERE.)

Disjointed random thoughts today...

To aspiring writers

I continue to be impressed with author Robin Lee Hatcher's blog. She, like author B.J. Hoff, are kind enough to share their practical wisdom about writing for publication. This post, Getting Published 101, has some really good stuff.

Like B.J, Robin stresses the importance of seeking God's will and examining your motives when it comes to writing.

Ladies, thanks so much for being kind enough to share your wise advice.

And I thought last year's holiday season was hectic...

Last year at this time, I was getting ready to host the entire Swanson family for Christmas, and for my oldest son's January 3rd wedding.

This year I'll be out of town for Thanksgiving AND Christmas...all the while preparing our current home to sell, and our new home to move into. Will I survive it? Oy vey...

Two thoughts about the Scott Peterson trial...

First of all, why?????? How does it happen that a seemingly normal guy purposely takes the lives of his beautiful wife and unborn son...his flesh and blood?

So he wanted to be a carefree bachelor and cavort with his new girlfriend. Why didn't he just divorce Laci? If it was a matter of avoiding financial obligations to an ex-wife and son, wouldn't that be preferable to spending life in prison or being executed?

I look at Laci's dazzling smile, I see the stark pain of her mother and empathize, because I have a beloved daughter and I cannot fathom her being murdered by her husband. My heart goes out to that family.

My other question...why don't similar cases get as much publicity as Laci's?

My sister worked at Dell Computers in Round Rock, Texas, with a woman named Christina Moore who was pregnant when she was murdered over a year ago. Police have just now arrested a suspect in her killing. You can read the story here.

Like Laci, Christina Moore was beautiful, beloved, and pregnant at the time of her murder, but her case generated only a tiny fraction of the publicity.

The only thing I can figure is that it was because Laci's case began with her disappearance and a massive search.

In any case, such stories are profoundly sad. We really do live in a fallen world.

Talk to me...

We're entering one of my favorite times of the year, musically-speaking, here at 101QFL and Radio 91. A sprinkling of Christmas music begins in late November, gradually increasing till Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, when it's ALL Christmas music, ALL the time.

I talk about some of my favorite Christmas music on my website, but the time has come to add some new blood to my old favorites.

Any suggestions, anyone? Please tell me about YOUR favorite Christmas CD's, here in my comments section. Tell me what your faves are, and why. I'll include your comments and link to your blog or site (if you have one) in an upcoming special post about Christmas music!

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