Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some of My Favorite Posts of 2011

If you blog, have you ever worked hard on a post, really put your all into it, only to feel it was completely lost in the shuffle and never thought of again?

Well, I decided to look back on 2011 and dig up some of my favorite posts that disappeared into the ether I hope you'll check one or all of them out when you have a moment!

January--Brisco County Jr, where have you been all my life?--Thanks to DVR, I fell in love with a TV show from several years ago.

February--A Touch of Spring--While blizzards swirled and temperatures plummeted, I yearned for spring with some lovely images.

March--Today is As Young as You Feel Day--Some thoughts on being the best you can be at any age.

April--A Royal Wedding, a Fairy-Tale Princess--I adore Duchess Kate, and I was all caught up in the royal wedding excitement!

May--Paris, Je T'aime--My pictorial homage to a city that I long to see.

June--When was the last time you wrote a letter?--Thoughts on the dying--or maybe still quite alive--art of letter writing

July--Beautiful Bedrooms--If anything inspires you to re-decorate your bedroom, it will be these gorgeous pictures.

August--When I Went to a British School--I reminisce about attending a British school in Beirut, Lebanon, when my parents were missionaries in the mid-60's.

September-- Oh, How Pinteresting!--Yep, this was the year that I discovered Pinterest...probably the most gorgeous and informative place on the Internet. In this post, I display a variety of cool things I'd been seeing on the site.

October--I'm Finally Wearing More Scarves--I finally catch on to one of the more attractive trends of 2011 (and it's a trend that has staying power.)

November--Some of My Favorite Childhood Books--I celebrate National Young Reader's Day by reminiscing about some of my best-loved childhood reads.

December--It's Still a Wonderful Life--My tribute to what is probably my favorite movie of all time.

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