Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Gold and White Christmas

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For the first time ever, none of my kids are coming home for Christmas.

I would really be depressed about this if not for a few things:

--We're taking Christmas to my daughter in Normal, Illinois, because she works retail and will have to work on Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas. I know we'll have a wonderful Christmas with Elizabeth.

--I got to spend two weeks around Thanksgiving with my other children and many of my loved ones. Some of them came up for Thanksgiving and I rode back to Texas with them and spent another week. So although I can never get enough of them, at least I've recently gotten to be with them.

--We'll celebrate Swanson Family Christmas with all of Doug's brothers and their families on December 22nd.

Anyway, because we won't be having any company, I didn't go all out with decorating for Christmas. For the past few years, our tree has been mostly burgundy and gold, but I bring out all the ornaments with special meaning from my kids' childhood, many of them handmade, some by them.

This year, I just decided to do it all in gold and white, and it's really pretty. A nice change, although I'm sure I'll go back to the more traditional tree in the future.

I just though I'd share a few pictures of my gold and white Christmas.


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I love your gold and white Christmas! Beautiful! I could only decorate the family room this year, since we are painting and preparing to sell our home. At this time of our lives, our theme must be "Go With the FLow with Joy"

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Lovely, Cindy!

Trisha said...

Beautiful, Cindy! I hope you have a delightful Christmas!

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