Monday, December 26, 2011

And so this is the day after Christmas....

...and according to, it's the observance of a couple of what my former radio co-host Darren Marlar used to call "Weird Holidays":

• Today is National Whiners' Day, a day dedicated to people who return Christmas gifts.

• Today is National Thank You Note Day. Go ahead, do it today before you forget

I actually didn't get a single gift that I'm going to have to return! And there are definitely some Thank You notes I'll be writing.

I don't feel like "the holidays" are quite over until after New Year's Day, so I'm still basking in a sort of holiday glow.

We're still in Normal, Illinois until later today. We came here to celebrate Christmas with my daughter Elizabeth, whose retail job required her to work both Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas.

So we just brought Christmas to her, and it has been wonderful!

How about you? Any "day after Christmas" plans? Well, I've got gift cards from Bath and Body Works and Macy's burning a hole in my pocket, so hasta luego! :)


nik said...

Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!
Merry Christmas!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

hi Cindy, I did go out for awhile and visit some stores. I was shocked at how low the crowds were...i was expecting after Christmas chaos. Hope you had a great holiday and that it continues into the new year!

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