Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Touch of Spring

I've had enough of blizzards and freezing temperatures and falling snow and piled-up snow and even ugly melting snow. Today is actually a beautiful day in Northern Illinois, but it's not spring...and I'm longing for spring! So I thought I'd decorate my blog with some images that make me think of spring. I've heard that there have been a few robin sightings...but I know that where I live, winter isn't over until it's over...and it's not over yet.

all photos from tumblr


Finding Pam said...

Beaitiful Spring images! I love the balcony filled with all of those flowers. That apron is too cute.

I hope that your snow days are over. I don't think I could stand so much snow.

Here to wishing we see Spring soon.

imaGPT said...

Lovely, thanks for the happy spring thoughts, Ive had enough White...

Only Prettier said...

i am ready too! Great pics~~~~

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