Thursday, March 19, 2009

Stuff to Tell You

Good-bye, Natasha Richardson...what's up with "Lost"?...and good news for Christian fiction

--For me, Natasha Richardson will forever be the lovely mom in Disney's "The Parent Trap." I've noticed on Facebook that the most heartfelt condolences are coming from people who know what it's like to lose a loved one.

Christian singer Tammy Trent's husband died in a drowning accident shortly before 9/11. Her Facebook status this morning: "...woke up continuing to pray for Liam Neeson and his family. The road ahead is very long and painful....there is healing...there is hope. Peace like a river!"

Another person responded: "I thought about Liam Neeson all day yesterday, having lost my husband to a tragic accident, I know only too well the sadness that envelopes us, but I also know that God is good and is redeeming. I pray for the Neeson family that they will find peace in our God and in the hope of eternity."

--So, I didn't know quite what to think of "Lost" last night. I'm not really liking our Losties being stuck in Dharmaville. Or in 1977. I did like just about everything Hurley (Jorge Garcia) said...his comments and personality always just bring everything back down to earth.

But right now, I'm kind of getting the same feeling I had when Jack, Kate and Sawyer were stuck on that other island in Season 3...claustrophobic and a little frustrated.

Big questions: Why didn't Sun land in 1977 too? When will she and Jin be re-united? And when will the ones stuck in the 70s get back to the future (where's a flux capacitor when you need it!?!)

Even on a not-so-stellar night, "Lost" is better than most anything else on TV...but I hope next week's episode will be better. Any comments?

--A bit of bright economic news: Christian fiction continues to thrive during this recession (hat tip to Brandilyn Collins)

--If you're a Danny Gokey fan, here is the consummate website.


Ann-Marie said...

I remember loving her performance in the futuristic "Handmaiden's Tale." My thoughts and prayers go out to them!

My favorite part of Lost was when Hurley said, "You know they (the Dharma initiative) got wiped out, right? I mean we saw where the bodies were buried." That was a hoot! Like, we should be just a wee bit concerned about self-preservation here.

The tags for next week look awesome with a Juliet/Kate showdown. Loved Juliet saying, "I'm asking nicely..." when you know she's ONLY going to "ask nicely" once!

Another tidbit I founf interesting was when Sawyer called Jack "Doc," Hurley "Kong," but DIDN'T call Kate "Freckles." Telling?

Randy said...


I am bummed about the passing of Natasha Richardson. Yes, I'm one of those few guys that enjoyed her performance in "The Parent Trap." I love Liam Neeson too as an actor. This has to be a hard time. Plus, Ron Silver, a fav actor of mine passed away the other day.

And...the first six minutes of "Lost" were the best. The rest of the episode "dragged on." I hope they resolve all of this. I'm getting edgy now that they are all over the place. I'm ready for reconciliation and move on with it.
However, it's still the best show going and I'm still a huge fan!


Juliet said...

Loved her in "The Parent Trap" In times like these, I wished everyone knew the Lord.

Ashley said...

I think Sun didn't go back to 1977 because she's already there - or soon will be - as a child. That's why Ben wasn't able to go back. As for Lapidus and Locke, I don't know. Anyway, I think Paik Industries had ties to the Dharma Initiative somehow, or maybe her father was on the island when he was younger. Maybe he was in cahoots with Charles Widmore...

I do wonder if she and Jin will be reunited, and if so, how and when. Christian seems to think it's possible.

Daniel Semsen said...

Lost is the bomb. Hang in there! It is by FAR the best show on TV.
(although some would argue 24 is pretty freakin great too...and they would be correct).

I heard that the island might be a resting place for the Egyptian gods...and that Richard is "Ra" the Sun god. There are some pretty interesting things going on...and it is still SO wonderful.

Yay Lost!!!!!!

Randy said...

Daniel might be on to something. I remember seeing a movie years ago where "Ra" was the main character. I think it was an older film with Kurt Russell. It might have been "Stargate" but I cannot remember.

Cindy Swanson said...

I do think the Egyptian culture does have something to do with the island's history. But I hope they don't try to suggest that one of the characters is a god...that would be jumping the shark a bit for me.

Randy said...

Yeah, and Fonzie already did that in "Happy Days."

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