Monday, March 02, 2009

I talk with Rhonda Rhea

“Rhonda’s a hoot! She’s relevant, relational, and right on!”

Patsy Clairmont
Author/Women of Faith speaker

Rhonda Rhea doesn't think God made a mistake when he included a funny bone in our physical make-up. This lovely, energetic lady uses humor all the time to address all kinds of issues facing women today.

Since Rhonda is going to be speaking in my area this coming week-end, I took the opportunity to do a phone interview with her.

She is a radio personality, speaker, humor columnist and author of several books--including High Heels in High Places: Walking Worthy in Way Cute Shoes and The Purse-uit of Holiness: Learning to Imitate the Master Designer. OK, how can you not love someone who comes up with titles like that? Clearly, she understands women!

Click here to listen to a 3-minute condensation of my interview with Rhonda.

For those of you living in northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin, Rhonda Rhea will be speaking this Saturday, March 7th at the First Baptist Church in Machesney Park, IL. You can call call the church at 815-633-2740 for details.

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