Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Julian Smith's "25 Things I Hate About Facebook"

OK, I'm guilty of one of these. I'm one of the Old People on Facebook. Also, I don't hate the birthday greetings--I love them! Other than that, I pretty much agree with these.

Especially people who update their status WAY too frequently. We do not need to know every minute detail of your day. There are a few people that I'm expecting to announce their bathroom details any minute now.

If you're on Facebook, you WILL relate to this on some level. Enjoy:


Ann-Marie said...

I laughed at this SO hard! I feel the same way about poking and gift-giving. Totally!

I think the funny thing about having "old" people on there is that the young people forget they're there. Like some of my cousins routinely swear in their status updates, and my aunts and uncles on Facebook are like, "Do you really think that's appropriate?" So, now they have to watch what they say! It's totally Big Brother - but it cracks me up!

Juliet said...

Thanks so much for that video. I had a good time laughing. There are nights, I'm sorry to say, that I stay awake thinking: Which do I think is better: My Blog or Facebook? Do I really need both? And how possibility can I keep up with 500 friends...actually I'm exaggerating. And if you think that you fall into an older group...boy I'm in the real oldes!

For me, I prefer the blogging.

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