Friday, March 13, 2009

Keeping up with The Worthington Wire

I told you yesterday about The Mother of All Conservatives political blog, of which she is a "Founding Mothah."

Well, I have to give more props to uber-blogger and lovely conservative Christian mom Allison Worthington (aka Mrs Fussypants). Apparently she is a powerhouse of dynamic energy and entrepreneurship as well.

I first happened on Alli in her Mrs Fussypants role. Her crazily fun re-caps of "Lost" (I'm not sure she's doing those anymore--bummer!) and her "Fight the Frump Fridays" had me at hello.

Then she goes and expands. Suddenly she has this online magazine called Blissfully Domestic. And then I notice one of her latest ventures, The Worthington Wire--kind of a distaff version of The Drudge Report.

As a radio personality, I'm constantly on the look-out for things that will keep my finger on the pulse of relevance and newsworthiness, and it looks like I might have hit the mother-lode with The Worthington Wire.

Alli herself explains on her site:

How did I think of this? I love the Drudge Report. I check it many times a day. It's simple: a few pictures and links. You can stay on his page or click over for more info. I needed a "Drudge for Chicks" for all that I found noteworthy. So Worthy Wire was born.

The Worthington Wire has categories for everything from politics, pop culture and healthy living, to recipes, family and inspiration...and a lot of stuff in between.

Basically, it's links. Organized links to information that Alli calls "everything you need to stay in the know."

One caveat: follow "Pop Culture" categories at your own risk--some of them can be a bit non-family-friendly.

But for the most part, The Worthington Wire gets a big thumbs-up from me.

Just who is this amazing woman? She sums herself up this way: "I am a goofball. I have 5 sons. I love chocolate."

This from her bio:

She is nicknamed the “Trifecta of Evil” because she is a proud Southern Christian Conservative. She loves talk radio, Charles Krauthammer and the National Review. Allison is powered by lots of coffee and unmerited grace.

Well, she definitely has my attention and my admiration. Allison Worthington, you're amazing!

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