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Some thoughts on "Lost"

Since we have to wait TWO weeks for a new episode of "Lost," I thought I would take some time to post some thoughts on the March 4th episode. WARNING: Spoilers if you haven't watched the episode yet!

(Also WARNING! If you think people talking about fictional characters as if they're real is silly, you'll think this post is all kinds of goofy.)


See this picture of Josh Holloway? I posted it for a reason: we got to see a lot more of those dimples in "LaFleur." Sawyer (yes, he will always be SAWYER to me, not James or Jim) seemed happier than ever.

Interestingly, he seems to really have come into his own as part of the Dharma Initiative. And he seems to be genuinely happy in a relationship with Juliet. I think a lot of us saw that coming; they were thrown together a lot as "Lostie left-behinders." But maybe we didn't foresee it being such an evidently solid and domesticated relationship?

I saw a lot of comments on "Lost" discussion boards from people who didn't think they would like Sawyer being with Juliet, but who really liked this pairing.

Ann-Marie of The Left-handed Rabbit wrote on Facebook:

I think Sawyer is just SO much better matched with Juliet than Kate. I mean, Juliet "has his back." (Was that not the cutest scene on the dock EVER? Or what?) Kate is so fickle! I hope Juliet is sincere. Three years is a long time to fake loving someone. However I'd love to see Kate and Juliet square off over Sawyer. Who would win? Methinks, Juliet. Kate would be running off yelling, "Jack! Jack! She's hitting me!" :-) Yeah, obviously not a Kate fan!

Well, I've always wanted Kate and Jack to be together, so if Sawyer has found happiness with Juliet, so be it. And someone pointed out, he's been with Juliet for three years? That's a whole lot longer than the three months he spent with Kate--although it seemed a looooot longer to us as viewers.

But I did have to let Ann-Marie know that a lot of Lost fans still don't trust Juliet. Some of them believe that even if she's not evil, she knows a lot more than she's letting on. After all, she lived with the "Others" for three years--and even though they weren't the Dharma Initiative, they had to know a lot about them.

And when Sawyer saw Kate, all that talk about "three years is plenty of time to get over someone" flew right out the window. The play of emotions on Josh Holloway's face at that moment showed what a really good, under-rated actor he is.

More questions

As always, "Lost" raises more questions than it answers. Yes, we saw at least the backside of the mysterious four-toed statue, but got no more clues on what it really is (lots of commenters are speculating on its Eyptian-ness--maybe the island was the home of an ancient culture at some point?).

And wqw that little red-haired girl really Charlotte as a child? Daniel seemed to think so, but we were told earlier that Charlotte was born in 1979...this was Dharma circa 1974. Continuity error, or was it just wishful thinking on Daniel's part?

Speaking of Daniel...poor guy. Where was he during that episode? And are we ever going to see a sane, rational Daniel again?

Oh...and about the baby that was born. Speculations are flying wildly about the baby's identity, with most people convinced it's someone we know. Miles? Hello...Miles is Asian; these parents decidely weren't. Desmond? Sawyer?!? Now that would be really strange, but this is "Lost," so I guess anything is possible.

And best line of the night, by popular agreement? Sawyer referring to Richard Alpert as "your buddy with the eyeliner." (The guy who plays Alpert, Nestor Carbonell, insists he doesn't wear eyeliner...he just has really, really dark eyelases. Lucky. And yes, I'm jealous, much.)

Missing some favorites

Like a lot of people, I'm wondering where Sun and Sayid ended up when the plane crashed. Can't wait to see a Jin and Sun reunion--but something tells me it may not play out as we might expect, because again, this is "Lost."

And I really miss Hurley (Jorge Garcia.) As I've mentioned, I think he's an integral part of the show. Hopefully next week...I mean, week after next.

You can go here to watch an amusing recap, "Lost Untangled."

If you're a Lost fan, let me know what you think about what's going on. Theories? Comments?


Melissa said...

I love your Lost re-caps! My sister in law and I have LENGTHY recap discussions on Thursday mornings, so a lot of what you said has been running through my mind too. About the baby being someone important. I'm not quite sure on that one. Theoretically, if the Losties had never traveled back to the Dharma group in the 70's, that lady would've died and not had that baby. So in essence, they changed history. Which is what Daniel said they couldn't do. But obviously they can. :) So it will be interesting to see if it turns out to be someone we already know. And I missed the part about Charlotte being born in 79. Was that in an episode, or just on the forums? I tend to lean towards that little girl being her. Too bad we have to wait 2 weeks for another episode! Oh- and I love Sawyer and Juliet together, although I still think Juliet knows way more than she lets on.

Cindy Swanson said...

Thanks so much for your comments, Melissa! About the're right, they did change history, which Daniel kept saying couldn't be done. It will be interesting to see how they deal with that.

Also, about Charlotte. Apparently Ben said that on an episode when Charlotte had just shown up on the island. Of course he had her file and all her bio info...that's when we found out her name was Charlotte Staples Lewis, i.e. C.S. Lewis. I don't remember him saying what year she was born, but a few other commenters on discussion boards agreed he said 1979.

Ashley said...

I have mixed feelings about a Sawyer/Juliet pairing. I like Juliet, and I have my problems with Kate (one being she's so wishy-washy), but I just always wanted him to be with Kate.

I can definitely understand the bond between Sawyer and Juliet, them having been left on the island together for 3 years. It was inevitable.

As for Charlotte as the little girl, that would explain why her body disappeared during the last time shift after she died. It would be too crazy and confusing for people to be in two places at different ages in the same time. And while I remember hearing something about it being 1974, was that definite or was it someone's guess? (I know Sawyer mentioned it to Juliet when she was wanting to leave on the submarine.)

I miss Hurley, too, and can't wait to see him in scenes again. And I'm anticipating the reunion of Jin and Sun, however that plays out. Apparently we'll get to see Sayid again in the next episode.

I'm really wanting to go back and start watching everything from the beginning. There have been so many delays and time lapses, that I've forgotten a lot that might make the pieces of this puzzle a little easier to fit together. Or maybe not...

Thanks, Cindy! Great post!

Randy said...


I could write a book here, but will try to keep it in bullet points. First off, you did a great job of recapping the ep. About Daniel becoming somewhat sane again? I know we are talking about fictional characters here, but in real life I know first-hand what he's going through. I have seen the dark side, it's no fun when you lose someone you gave your entire heart to. As far as Sawyer, I'm with you, he will always be that name and not Jim or James. Underneath all that anger is a guy who really wants to be good. Maybe that's a lesson for all of us when we see someone who seems mad at the world. Sometimes anger hides a broken heart. Plus, I like Juliet but like others have said I wonder if she can be trusted. She did have Sawyer's back a lot. I need those kind of people in my own life. Those that I know will have my "back." My friend Susan told me that a long time ago that was one of her biggies. I never forgot that. Sawyer was wrong about the three year thing. Some of us can remember every detail of someone we lost along the way. Maybe he was just trying to convince himself and he did have Juliet to fall back on.

As far as Kate goes, I wish she would get off of her undecided ways. Either stay with Jack or get with Sawyer. Believe me, in real life, I've had enough of those in my dating life. It's no picnic. I'm not picking on women, men do it too. I am in love with Kate's character, but that unstable way she has troubles me.

And...poor John Locke. Living his whole life wondering if he was special or not. There are those in real life living in the same kind of a prison. A prison without walls, but nonetheless, still a prison.

Anyone that would think it's folly to treat a character as if they are real just don't get it. Sure, if a person really "believes" that person is real in the show, then that is a problem. However, why is fiction written and shows produced? They tell stories about real things in life that are mirrored in the characters they play.

Lost is still the best thing going. However a lot of loose ends need to be tied up that's for sure.


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