Thursday, March 05, 2009

13 things I loved in the 70's

Note: I'm feeling lousy today, so bear with me as I resurrect another Thursday Thirteen that I've run in the past!

My high school and college years took place in the 70's, as did my courtship and marriage. Bear in mind, I led a pretty sheltered life, and the things I enjoyed were pretty much all wholesome and family-friendly. Here are 13 of them, in no particular order.

1. Charlie's Angels--especially Farrah. I don't know of very many women my age who didn't want to look like her in those days! Every other girl did their hair in a Farrah flip-back, including me.

2. Saturday Night Live--Featuring the original Not Ready for Prime Time Players, it was a new style of humor, and it cracked us up! Who didn't toss the phrase "I'm a wild and craaazy guy!" around at least once or twice?

3. Andrae Crouch and the Disciples--I still love many of the songs from his "Best Of" project. Below, "Soon and Very Soon."

Soon and Very Soon - Andrae Crouch and The Disciples

4. The Midnight Special--the 70's precursor to music television

5. The Stylistics, the Spinners, the Chi-Lites, and all the other great R and B acts

6. Evie--for those who loved Christian music, she was an icon--and so cute! If this 1976 doesn't take you back, I don't know what will:

7. Victoria Holt novels--I think I read everything she wrote under that pseudonym, as well as all of her novels as Phillipa Carr and some of her Jean Plaidy novels

8. Rocky--I still think the first one was the best

9. Star Wars--we were so blown away by the special effects! :)

10. The Carol Burnett Show--her show--along with the next two on this list--were Saturday night "must see TV" of the 70's

11. The Mary Tyler Moore Show

12. The Bob Newhart Show

13. The Fonz--looking at the very mature Henry Winkler today, it's hard to believe, but I actually had kind of a crush on him!

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Ann-Marie said...

My favorite pre-SNL player was Gilda Radner. Even though I wasn't born until 1978, in my teenage years, I discovered old SNL videos at the video store and fell in love with her and her amazing characters. To this day, I have several of her funny quotes posted around our house.

My absolute favorite was Roseanne Roseannadanna and the "What's wrong with violins on television?" newscast!

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