Monday, November 03, 2008

Are you freaking out about the election?

I'll admit it, I have been

I feel crazy, hope is hazy right now
But I won't freak out, I won't freak out
At the sound of the landslide inside
Fear wants to take my peace of mind
Won't run, won't hide
I will lift my hands up high

In my troubles, I have doubled my prayers
'Cause I need them, I need them like I need the air
Landslide, inside, fear wants to take my peace of mind
Won't run, won't hide
I will lift my hands up high
Here's to the Name above all names
Here's to the one who saves
I will trust You Jesus, I'll be brave

I will live my life day by day
'Cause You're the only Truth the only Way out of
This landslide

The above are the lyrics to a song we were playing here on 101QFL not long before the last presidential election, by a band called Seven Places.

Ironically, the name of the song is "Landslide." The current implications of that title I will leave to you to sort out. :)

Anyway, there is more truth than poetry in those lyrics. I'm claiming some verses today and tomorrow, that Carolyn McCulley highlighted in her blog, Radical Womanhood (she has been fasting and praying for our nation):

"...the Bible says the heart of the king is in God's hands and He can direct it as He wills (Proverbs 21:1). Many are the plans of a man, but it's the Lord's purposes that stand (Proverbs 19:21). No matter which candidate wins, we need to pray for our leaders and for true righteousness in our nation's laws."

From me, a heartfelt "amen."


biblegirl59 said...

A hearty Amen Cindy to what you wrote here. This message from Kay Arthur is available to read as a transcript or to listen to or download at this site. But very appropriate and worth reading in light of what we are facing in our country.

I will be praying for our country specifically at noon on Thursday, joining thousands of others. I hope you will join me .

Becky said...

I am concerned about the election, but no one will have power in our country that God does not allow to have power. Thank you for the verses.

Barbara said...

I'm not freaking out, Cindy. I think the Lord is in control of this election regardless of what the campaign for the "Messiah" says. There are lots of prayers going up for the election including mine. I just got an email this morning that said to be praying not for the person you want in office, but to be praying that God puts the righteous in office in every aspects of government. We all need to heed II Chronicles 7:14, get down to business this last day if we haven't already done so and believe GOD will do what he says he will do.

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