Monday, November 17, 2008

Buck the Christmas "gloom and doom"--give a book for Christmas

More media doom & gloom about holiday book sales today. We need to "preach positive" to balance this. Books make nice,inexpensive gifts!--Writer BJ Hoff on Twitter

I can't remember a single Christmas in my life when I didn't either give or receive at least one book, so I wholeheartedly agree with BJ Hoff on this.

Books make wonderful gifts...and they don't have to be expensive. They don't have to be 50 dollar coffee table books (in fact, even those gorgeous coffee table books often go on sale, deeply discounted).

I'm trying to build up my personal library of classics. Borders, where my daughter works, has a line of classics in paperback with beautiful covers, usually for about 6.99.

Children's books can be very reasonable, and most small children love to be read to. Slip a paperback novel, preferably Christian fiction, into your teen-ager's stocking. An athlete's bio for your sports-crazy son, or a how-to-be-a-better-golfer book for hubby.

Many of my favorite, and most enduring, Christmas gifts ever have been books. When my parents were missionaries to Beirut, Lebanon, when I was a child, I really got into British writers. I can remember getting Noel Streatfield's White Boots , which launched me into a Noel Streatfield marathon. Another time I got an anthology of stories by Enid Blyton-- who probably most American children have never heard of, but whose writings I adored.

Actually, I could never list all the favorite book gifts I've received, because many of my favorite all-time gifts, throughout my life, have been books.

What was your favorite book you ever received as a gift?

I "twittered"' this question, and Katy McKenna Raymond replied: "My mother purchased this book when I was 11: 'Don't Call Me Katy Rose.' My name is Katy Rose! I still have it..."

No doubt about it, those childhood books, often received as Christmas or birthday presents, evoke fond memories to this day.

What was your favorite book you ever received as a gift--whether as a child or more recently? Please answer in my comments section...I'll blog about your replies tomorrow.

Booked for the Holidays!

Speaking of about winning some that you could give away as Christmas gifts?

Linda of Mocha with Linda is giving away books on her website for the next four weeks. She's calling it "Booked for the Holidays." Go here to get on board!

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