Thursday, November 20, 2008

13 Things to Tell You About...

My adorable little grandson Payton on Halloween

Thirteen interesting bits of information and/or links to share with you! Here we go...

1. Here's a book trailer I voiced for Virginia Smith's upcoming book, Age Before Beauty:

If you're an author who needs a voice for your next book trailer, let me know!

2. Have you ever considered The Most Under-rated Muppets? (I personally liked Roosevelt Franklin.) Hat tip to USA Today Pop Candy.

3. I know sometimes we feel like the economy is bleeding us dry...but apparently it's forcing some people to give--or actually sell-- their life blood. Plasma donations are way up.

4. Have you ever suffered from airport stress? Some airport workers are learning how to deal with it.

5. I got ahold of a copy of Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas CD, and I've already snuck a few listens...violating my no-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving rule. I've gotta tell you, I love it! See/hear a sample here.

6. Archaeologists believe they've found the tomb of the biblical King Herod.

7. Say it isn't so! Revered *British actor Christopher Plummer, probably best known for playing the father in The Sound of Music, says the movie is..."yucky"!!! Well...I have to admit that "Something Good" song that he sang was kind of sappy. At least he admits Julie Andrews was awesome.

8. Unless you live in a cave, you will hear, or you have heard, about "Twilight." USA Today has an article.

9. This is heartwarming: our troops will get Christmas trees.

10. Want another sneak peek of Christmas music? Relient K's Sleigh Ride is a treat; lead singer Matt Thiessen's voice has never sounded sweeter.

11. Give Books for Christmas! Author BJ Hoff inspired my recent posts on that subject; now she's doing a two-parter on the subject.

12. Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee answers a fun Christmas Q and A, which I might just do tomorrow.

13. The late, legendary Bob Hope is getting a stamp.

*Nicholas of A Gentleman's Domain tells me Christopher Plummer is not British, but Canadian! Who knew?

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Nicholas said...

I have never seen The Sound of Music because cute kiddies singing songs is something far too saccharine for my tastes. Nice to see Christopher Plummer endorsing my opinion.

One thing -- revered he certainly is, and he plays British characters (e.g. the Duke of Wellington) very well, but he is in fact Canadian!

FickleMinded said...

Your grandson is indeed adorable, great list by the way, and thanks for stopping by.

Alice Audrey said...

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that plasma donations are up, but it did.

Thanks for coming by.

anthonynorth said...

Always plenty of info here. Thanks for that.

Carolan Ivey said...

You can't be old enough to have a grandson! :) What a cutie pie.

Re: Muppets - Anyone remember Beaker?

Randy said...

Along with Carolan, Beaker rocks! And...I'm not talking about Rich Mullins' sidekick from years ago. However, he was pretty cool too!

Ann-Marie said...

IMHO, if you are going to donate plasma, do it at the Janesville facility. It is a beautiful, clean facility with kind, caring and beyond-competent staff.

I went to a Rockford-area plasma bank one year and came away with bruised arms, and no plasma donated. The facility was dirty and a scary place to be.

My Janesville experience was well worth the drive from Roscoe. Just from my own experience.

Calliope said...

Cute lion! :)

Thanks for the links and stopping by my T13. I'm going to have to send my sister a link to your gift card thing, too.

- Celticlibrarian

SandyCarlson said...

I fell in love with Christopher Plummer when my daughter was little and we watched The Sound of Music every day. I think it's a wonderful musical. And I fell in love with his grandfatherly self when we would watch the Madeline cartoons. What a talent. I am glad he is still around.

Your grandson is a button!

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