Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All is well

"True/False: The day after the election, regardless of who wins, the tomb will still be empty."--Bill Reichart, Provocative Church

A sampling of what some bloggers are saying today:

"... I want to express my gratitude for living in a country in which citizens select their leaders....And I'm glad to be alive to see both an African American and a female be key figures in the race for the top two offices in our country."--Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee

"Yes, I dread an Obama presidency, but my faith in God holds steady. He will accomplish his purposes, even if he has to use President Barack Obama to do it. You see, God is already using Obama to accomplish one of his purposes: to light a fire under me. I’ve been holding back on you, God, and you’ve been patient."--La Shawn Barber

"In my view, one thing is certain—Christians have a moral obligation to vote, and to vote remembering God is watching them. Too many Christians do not vote, almost arguing this disengagement from the process is a spiritual act. The truth is we should be grateful for the opportunity to vote; many in this world do not have that privilege. We should also vote recognizing the Lordship of Jesus over all of our lives and becoming fully engaged in the social and political world."--Adrian Warnock, a Brit

"Here’s the reality American Christians must own up to: Being on the 'in' with American politics has not stemmed the tied of moral corruption in our society and hasn’t helped the church as much as everyone thinks it has. Instead we have churches that look an awful lot like the sinful world, and a Christian culture that has so misunderstood the gospel that it associates the fall of Republican power with the Return of Christ and the final judgment!...But perhaps, just perhaps, by not being so consumed with our (fictional?) place in the American political system we can finally focus on regaining a proper understanding of the gospel, and develop a more spiritually mature church."--David Dunham, Christ and Pop Culture

--"...ultimately our problems will not be solved by the right man (or woman) in the White House. It simply doesn’t work that way. We live in a democracy, a representative form of government, where it’s as much if not more our responsibility to love and take care of our neighbors than our politician’s responsibility. Real and lasting change comes from knowing and loving the folks who live in the houses that sit next to ours rather than saving all of our longing and hope for the voting booth."--Derek Webb, who actually (and probably somewhat controversially) believes you don't have to vote if it violates your conscience

--David Wayne of Jollyblogger has a picture of what most of us are going to look like tomorrow morning.

--Donna-Jean of Liberty and Lily is voting for Trig.

--Last but not least, if you're a Christian and you're worried about the outcome of the election, Bill Reichart of Provocative Church wants you to take this test.

Me: and when you've taken it, feel free to shout hallelujah!


Tim and Vicky Terpening said...

As the saying goes, "The day after the election, God is still on the throne."

Leaders In Learning said...

Yes, we need to maintain our personal peace through it all.

Nadine said...

Very good points. I learned my lesson from when Clinton was our president. I posted today also about the election - it was my only post about it.

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