Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The campaign is over, but the praying is just beginning...

...time to move on

One of my Facebook friends had this as her "status" today: "Jennifer has noticed 3 types of post-election FB statuses: 1) We're doomed! 2) Booyah, losers! In your face! and 3) It's ok God's in control!"

I guess you could put me in the number 3 category.

That said, I've found some great food for thought among other Christian bloggers today, and I thought I'd share some links you. Whether you're sad or happy about the outcome of the election, if you're a Christian, there are some major issues you've had to confront. Think of some of these links as sort of a "How should we Christians now live, post-election?"

The answer to that question, by the way? Pretty much as we were already SUPPOSED to be living, pre-election.

Check these out:

--Justin Taylor's Between Two Worlds has guest posts by pro-life spokesman Scott Klusendorf,Christian author Randy Alcorn and black American pastor/author Eric Redmond.

--Josh Harris is calling on us to pray for President-elect Obama.

--As is the Presidential Prayer Team.

--The Liberty Counsel is calling on conservatives to return their core values and rebuild their base.

--Some eloquent and balanced thoughts from Cindy at Still His Girl.

--And more gracious and challenging words from Albert Mohler.

So let's move on...but move on with prayer and purpose.


Jennittia said...

Loved the post from "Still His Girl"!! Great link!

Ann-Marie said...

Nice take on all the hoopla. Thanks, Cindy!

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