Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Reality check

Note to self: Biggest Loser IS just a TV show...

Are you like me in that you have little happinesses that serve as things to look forward to in your rather mundane week? Well, the TV show The Biggest Loser has served that purpose for me. I would think about the show coming up on Tuesday and get a happy little feeling.

Well, I'm kind of having to confront my own reality check. It IS a reality show, and not worth me placing too much importance on it. (I know, some of you are probably saying, "Duh....")

How did I arrive at this reality check?

The Vicky Problem

Well, in the next few paragraphs, I'm going to explain my feelings toward Vicky, but...wait for it...there's a big BUT (or maybe that's an unfortunate choice of words)--there's a big HOWEVER coming up.)

It all started when I began to realize that one of the participants in this season of the show really annoyed me. In fact, I was quite vocal about the fact that I had never had such an intense negative reaction to any reality show star, and definitely not on The Biggest Loser.

You see, The Biggest Loser has mostly been about inspiration and admiration for me. I enjoyed watching these very obese people morph, as the weeks went on, into slim and fit people. I've always loved make-overs of any kind...and since I am on my own fitness journey, I found their progress very inspiring. I never actively disliked one of the participants.

Until now. And apparently I'm not the only one--google "Biggest Loser Vicky," and you'll find out that the entire Biggest-Loser-watching blogosphere is pretty much united in their aversion to Vicky.

On the show, she comes across as being conniving, manipulative, and generally unpleasant. Even if the show has used editing to make her appear even more unpleasant, her own words and actions pretty much indicate she's at least somewhat unpleasant.

But here's the big HOWEVER...

After the November 11th episode, anti-Vicky rhetoric reached a zenith in the blogosphere--and I was part of that. I didn't go so far as to call her an evil b-word, but I did express my dislike for her.

I enthusiastically looked forward to last night's show. I really wanted to see Vicky continue to get her come-uppance and hopefully get voted off.

It's just a show...but Vicky's a real person

Well, she didn't get voted off. And it looks like her much-vaunted alliance is still intact...which means one of my favorite participants, Coleen, was voted off last night, and my two remaining favorites, Michelle and Renee, are in danger of being voted off in the next few shows.

I need to say this: Vicky on the Biggest Loser is a real person. I've seen really hateful things said about her online, and I understand that she has actually had death threats phoned and mailed to her home. THIS IS DEPLORABLE AND TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE.

By spewing venom about a TV show participant that you don't like, you are exhibiting even worse behavior.
After all, Vicky's unpleasantness isn't directed at YOU personally!

Anyway...after last night's show, I felt strangely deflated. First of all, Vicky isn't nearly so venomous when she isn't being cocky. Heba, the other person I didn't care for, seemed to be nothing but nice last night. Amy didn't save the day by voting Vicky off: in fact, she showed grace by allowing her to stay on the show when, honestly, I doubt if Vicky would ever show such grace to her.

Still, I don't think I'll continue to watch the show if it all comes down to Vicky and her alliance. Frankly, I wish them well, but I just don't care enough about them to remain invested in them. I'll probably watch the finale, but if Renee and Michelle go, it just won't matter to me.

And maybe that's the way it should be. It IS just a TV show.

The reality check? Real life is what matters.


Ann-Marie said...

Well, I never watched it before last night. It sure seemed like there was a great deal of conflict over Vicky, and I did feel bad about the girl who was afraid she wasn't going to make it when she got back home. Next season, I'll have to watch from the begininng.

Solameanie said...

One thing that has fascinated me about the professional wrestling crowd is that, unlike the old days, the bad guys often get cheered and the good guys get booed. Sort of another sign of the change in our culture, isn't it?


Randy Spradlin said...


All of us, in certain areas, I guess need a wake up call. I never got into the reality shows because I still feel they are rigged. You have cameras and lights all around them, the network is sparring for ratings and so much more.

I've found that life itself has so much drama in itself. Well, at least in my tumultuous life it does. I have enough to contend with in daily activities and trying to keep the faith. JMHO.

However, I don't mind a little drama. If it's a movie where I know it's fabricated. And...secondly...I like drama to stay on the screen, not in my real life.

I know you'll take that in the spirit it was written. I've had to do some soul-searching in myself about a lot of things. I watched one year of Survivor, (years ago) and that was enough for me. Hope you are doing fine!

Be well,


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