Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What makes you hit the "comment" button?

...and a tidbit for "Lost" fans...

I just finished e-mailing a fellow-blogger who asked, tongue-in-cheek, if there is any way to FORCE people to comment on your blog! I chuckled, but the truth is, I'm with her. Comments are the life-blood of a blog--we all like to know that people are reading and responding to what they've read-- and I wish I knew the secret for getting lots of 'em!

So, I have a few questions for you. (If you don't have a blog yourself, you can ignore question number 3.) I'd love for you to answer these questions--in my comments section, of course!

Here they are (and they are about any blog, not just mine):

1) What make you take the time to stop and comment?
2) In what cases do you decide NOT to comment?
3) On your own blog, when have you gotten the most comments? (If you can cite the specific post that got the most comments, that would be great--even provide a link if you can.)

Thanks for helping out with my own little bit of blogging research!

And now, for "Lost" fans...

It's still a long wait till February, but here's a little something to tide you over. (hat tip to USA Today's Pop Candy blog.)


Randy said...
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Randy said...


You'll never have to 'force' me to write in your comment section on your blog. I gladly bow before your feet humbly and do it!

I'm in "Lost" withdraw with you. Hang in there kiddo, after the snow flies, maybe we'll see a new EP. haha.

Finally, like you, comments are the life of any blog. Mine are few. However, I'd rather have a few faithful ones than none at all!

Your comments were great.

Miss ya!


Lyric said...

If you find the secret...let me know! About one percent of my visitors comment...LOL But then it's okay with me because the purpose of my blog really is personal, it's my journal and a way of keeping thoughts and family connected.

Barbara H. said...

I often comment if I can think of something to say and don't comment if I can't think of anything or if anything I would have said has already been said. If a post has really touched my heart in some way or made me smile or something, I try to convey that. A lot of times it depends on the time I have -- sometimes I'm doing a quick run-through of the blogs I read, other times it's more of a leisurely stroll.

I'm not sure which of my posts would have had the most comments. I think one of the most-commented on ones (that's just a regular post, not Thursday Thirteen or Saturday Photo Hunt) was "Encouragement for mothers of young children." That seems to have touched a lot of people, and a couple of more well-known bloggers linked to it, giving it a wider audience. But otherwise, I've been surprised sometimes at writing my heart out about something and getting only a couple of comments vs. writing a silly little nothing and getting many.

Though I LOVE comments, I try not to write for comments, because that can change your focus and leave you awfully discouraged if you don't get any. Ultimately I've had to give it all over to the Lord -- multiple times.

Loved the LOST clips!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts

Jennittia said...

I must admit, I am a frequent reader of your site, but this is the first comment I have left! Many of my reasons are time related. Do I have time to comment back, do I have a free hand to type or are they busy feeding the baby, etc. I will take the time or close the window and come back if the post has touched me in a big way or if I have a must-share story to go with it. I will send a personal email if I want to comment but not have everyone else see it.

For my own blog, I can also attest that the comments are very welcome. I have gotten the most when I freely put out my thoughts and share what it is really like to be a single mom of four.

Oh, and I am soooo in "Lost" withdrawl! Why on earth did the network set up a schedule like that?!!! Feb. seems so far off still! Well, I guess I will have to settle for reruns from NetFlix!

Lynne said...

I'll usually leave a comment if I feel I have something worthwhile to say about that particular post. Sometimes I feel like I'm just repeating what someone else has said. But I like the blogger to know that I've been there.

Ann-Marie said...

I comment on my friends' blogs, because I know how much I value their comments on my blog - "do unto others," you know. Most often, I comment on other blogs when I have a different viewpoint to share or really disagree with the person!

I don't comment on posts where I feel I don't have anything to share. Like when moms discuss sippee cup brands. Since we're childless, I'm like, "Okay, hmm, not much to say about THAT."

This one's easy. I get the most comments when I put my foot in my mouth! LOL! Seriously, I get the most comments when I talk about people bringing badly-behaving-children in public places. Drives me NUTS!!! The second most-commented are any posts on our journey into infertility.

I'm with all of you on wanting people to comment more. But, as my Aunt Jan says, "You never know WHO is reading your blog!"

I'm constantly surprised when people come up and say, "Oh yeah, I read on your blog..." I always think, "Why didn't you comment?!"

Ashley said...

1. I comment if I feel like I have something worth saying. Sometimes it's in strong agreement with what someone blogs, sometimes it's just a simple thank you for posting something.

2. I don't comment if I'm only going to parrot what everyone else is saying, especially if it's not important. Most of the time, I'm a lurker.

3. I get comments if I answer a meme and leave my name and url in the comments section. Usually people will check out what I've written and comment on it or ask a question. I've gotten several the last two days for that very reason. Other times family will comment on something funny I've written about the boys.

Randy said...

Sorry for the second comment but I forgot to add a couple quick notes.
You raise some interesting questions about why people comment on a post or not! Here's my small entry.

I stop and comment if it's of a subject matter that really piques my interest. I won't comment if it doesn't have my interest. Everyone on their blogs may have things dear to them that are important. I respect that. But, I cannot see myself commenting on quilt making as an example. It's a fine art, but not down my alley!

I normally get a lot of comments if my posts are controversial. Maybe that's why I get so few. I guess I lean a little soft on some issues as to not raise the dander of anyone. E.g. If some people knew what my real political stance was as a Christian, I think I might be attacked severely. What saddens me is that controversy shouldn't be a bad word. True communication and dialogue can be achieved even if two people disagree. So, maybe, that's why I stay in the 'devotional' 'book' and 'music' areas. I just dislike people being at odds when they don't need to be. I got more comments on the show "Lost" and "American Idol" than anything else. Coming in third was my comments about Rich Mullins.
Hope this helps.
Be well friend,

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cindy, I often will leave a comment when I'm personally touched by a post--when I can relate to a certain experience, or when a post makes me laugh or cry. (Your post today didn't make me laugh or cry, but it did motivate me to think, and to wonder whether people leave comments just to be nice, or because they have something they want to say...like thank you.)

Thank YOU for being consistent. I know what to expect when I come here, and I always leave full!

Marsha said...

OH my goodness, I thought for a moment maybe I had missed the first episode of this season of LOST! I haven't been paying very much attention to TV. So it hasn't started yet, right?

My posts that get the most comments seem to happen when I leave a lot of comments on other blogs. If I write something that is well thought out and then go and comment on other blogs, it seems to generate some good discussion. However, if I write something well thought out and compelling and I don't go around and comment, then not so much response. And if I write something lame but go forth and comment, not so much of a response.

Also I find asking questions helps. My readers seem to respond well and comment when I write about my struggles. But, I really don't like to write so much about my struggles. I like to write about what I am grateful about in life, but my readers then accuse me of being fake. I have decided to take a bit of a break from caring about the comments and just write for myself for awhile.

{Karla} said...

1) something really funny that I can relate to, or something that moves me and hits home.

2) hmm... honestly, sometimes I'm just too lazy to click from my blog reader over to the blog to comment. But usually, it's that I feel I have nothing more to contribute to what was already there.

3) the blog post that got the most was for a giveaway. Probably the next highest was when my last baby was born.

Good questions!


Talk..to..Grams said...

This is really fun reading all the reasons for making comments and not commenting!!

I haven't figured it out yet!! Sometimes I get a bunch and then sometime not to many!

Now this evening someone I visited had about 30 comments so I thought
What on earth could I say that hasn't already been said!!

Of course on Photo Hunt day I leave a comment no matter how many comments have been made!
When you all figure this out let me know!

Linda said...

Wow, Cindy, thanks for doing this! Interesting. From the responses, I'm thinking maybe I leave too many comments. Maybe I'm more of a parrot-er than a commentor. Or commenter. :)

Melissa said...

Hi Cindy! I'm a little late on this one, but thought I'd comment anyway!

What makes me leave a comment is if I feel like I have something to say in response to the post. I often don't, so I often don't comment! After all, most of us can tell when we've gotten a comment just because someone feels they have to leave one.

The post that gave me the most comments on my own blog, was when I participated in a Blog Giveaway Carnival back in July. I think I had 213 comments! I deleted the post though, because I was noticing that someone in Nigeria was spending a large amount of time looking at the comments section of that post. I think they were copying email addresses of the commentators!

Anyway, I DO love comments on my blog, but I often don't receive them. I think that's partial to my limited readership, and partly to the topics I'm posting on. If I'm posting a recipe, or a short blib on some news event, I'm not likely to get comments.

That's my 2-cents!

Juliet said...

Hi Cindy,
Well there are days I feel that I am writing to myself..then I find out Charity and Colleen have been checking me out but never make any comment;) So even if I don't get any comments, I know at least they are reading it.
I usually like photos..it makes it more personal. I guess I response to pictures. I do not comment if perhaps it has been a repeat of the previous blog..like birth announcements.
Most comments are usually family related with pictures.

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