Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Christian radio personality voted off "Survivor"

"If you read the Bible -- specifically Proverbs 16 -- it really talks about how God is in control. Like we might have plans, but God determines our steps. I believe He's sovereign. I believe he had me on there for a reason, and I don't think it was for me to win $1 million. I don't think it was. I think if I would have, it would have been just icing on the cake. He just knew that I needed to have this experience for some reason and I just trust Him. I knew I wasn't going anywhere until He thought it was time."--"Survivor" participant Leslie Nease

OK, I'm a little late on this one! My excuse: I was on vacation at the time, and watching hardly any TV.

Anyhoo...Charlotte, NC Christian radio personality Leslie Nease became the third person to be voted off "Survivor."

If you're interested, Reality TV World did this interview with Leslie, in which she was able to say some good things about her faith.

By the way, Leslie believes it was her big mouth, not her faith, that got her voted off the show.

This, that and the other...

--You've heard of Vanilla Coke and Cherry Coke, but about Herbal Coke? Could be...

--"Lost" re-runs are heading to the Sci Fi Channel and G4.

--My new favorite product: Breck Lavender Bedtime Baby Cream. It's my favorite lotion right now, and I get it at the Dollar Tree for a buck! (While supplies last, I assume!)

--What do people really want for Christmas?

--My favorite TV show right now. (Since I can't watch "Lost" or "American Idol"?)

--Thanks to everyone who commented on my post about diabetes! I'm adjusting to a life of carb-counting. I just tried a terrific recipe from Outsmart Diabetes magazine: Pumpkin Pudding. It was delicious. People, it was pumpkin pie in a bowl...but very low-carb and diabetic-friendly. I'm going to try Pumpkin Muffins next. I found the magazine in the check-out lane at the grocery store, by the way, and it contained a wealth of info.


Ann-Marie said...

That's true! I'm asking for an iPod and a new PC for Christmas this year - but I'd give it up if I thought it was at the expense of world peace!

Talk..to..Grams said...

Cindy, I have a nice award for you at my blog! Please come over and pick it up! love, Grams

Debra said...

Hi Cindy... Just dropping by to thank you for your comment at my autumn blog! That was nice of you to visit me there and I'm glad you liked the photos. :) Oh, and happy belated blogiversary! Keep up the good work... Blessings, Debra

Ashley said...

Congratulations on your blogiversary!

I was disappointed when Leslie got voted off, but I saw it coming. She was "kidnapped" by the other tribe and told them a lot of things about her tribemates while she was there. When she went back to her own tribe, she told them what she had said about them and talked about how friendly and cohesive the other tribe was. It was definitely her mouth that got her voted off.

In an interesting twist, one of her tribemates (Courtney) was initially distant from her because of her Christianity. Over the course of the few days Leslie was there, they seemed to grow closer. When Leslie was voted off, Courtney cried. Maybe a seed was planted...

Okay, Cindy, I want you to know that I've started watching the first season of Lost. I checked out the first two discs from the library last week, and my husband and I watched all 8 episodes on them in the course of 2 days. We're hooked! I'm returning the first set today and will be getting discs 3 and 4 to watch this weekend. I'm hoping to get caught up before the season picks back up in February. The only thing is, it's on the same time as CSI: NY. I guess I'll have to watch one and record the other...


Katy McKenna said...

Belated congrats on your blogiversary! You are one wonderful blogger! :) If you ever need anyone to chat with about low-carb/sugar-free lifestyle, I'm up for grabs. I've been doing it for 8 years now, and it IS oh, so doable. If done right, you should have lots of satisfying culinary experiences like your pumpkin pudding!! No need to feel deprived. Yesterday, I made my own sugar free, low carb biscotti! I am a happy girl.

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