Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday...well, actually, not wordless at all

An update: Your feedback on why you comment...and an award from Grams!

OK, I just had to share this pic of my ridiculously adorable little grandson, Payton. He was in the beginning stages of pulling himself up to things when I was down there, and obviously (from this more recent pic), he has now mastered it! He looks pretty confident standing there, doesn't he? I'm sure he'll be walking before we know it. Happily, he (and his mom and dad, of course) are coming for Thanksgiving, so my Payton-addiction will get a fix then.

Thoughts on What Makes You Comment

I did want to showcase some comments on my blog...specifically, the ones in response to my plea for feedback on what prompts YOU to comment on blogs. I think they're all valuable for anyone who wants to make their blog more comment-friendly.

Here are some of the responses:

"I will almost always comment on book posts or posts about my favorite TV shows, like Lost, Heroes, House. And if it's a news story or something that just catches my attention."--Carrie at Mommy Brain

"I comment if I have an idea that I can share, ask a question the person might be able to help with, and/or if I think we have things in common and they might be interested in going to my blog as well."--Debbie at Real World Martha's Weblog

"I comment on things that make me laugh, engage me with questions, or even just a passionate entry makes me want to comment."--Danielle at Fiddlin' Around

Malcolm of Pop Culture Dish had an interesting point about memes like the Thursday Thirteen, in which I often participate: "If it's a topic that doesn't hold much interest to me, I won't comment. I love participating in the Thursday Thirteen. It has helped my readership increase and has introduced me to blogs that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Although I visit many TTs, I do not leave comments on all of them. It bugs me a little when people leave comments such as 'Interesting list. Happy TT.' This makes think that they probably didn't bother reading the TT and are just commenting in order to leave their blog link in my comments section."

Julee Ann of Write of Passage says she's not actually a big fan of comments: "That doesn't mean I don't enjoy getting them--but I don't like comments for comments sake! Does that make sense? I kinda like constructive criticism in my comments. (As long as you play nice)
'That's a great post,'
' I agree' or
'Preach it sister'
do nothing for me. I love humor, sarcasm, and my kids comments. I don't like preaching in the comment section."

"If a post has really touched my heart in some way or made me smile or something, I try to convey that. A lot of times it depends on the time I have -- sometimes I'm doing a quick run-through of the blogs I read, other times it's more of a leisurely stroll."--Barbara H of Stray Thoughts

Jennittia of Thoughts from a Newly Singled Mom says time is a big factor in whether or not she comments: "Do I have time to comment back, do I have a free hand to type or are they busy feeding the baby, etc. I will take the time or close the window and come back if the post has touched me in a big way or if I have a must-share story to go with it. I will send a personal email if I want to comment but not have everyone else see it."

More of your responses tomorrow...

An award from Grams

Grams of has to be one of the most encouraging people in the world! Grams has honored me before--I've jokingly said I should hire her as my own personal P-R woman!--and she has done so again.

I've now been honored with the Community Blogger Award. I'm told this award "celebrates people who reach out and makes the blogging community a better one."

Grams, thanks so much for this award...I'm humbled and honored. You made my day!

2 comments: said...

I was glad to pass this award on to you! You have a real community spirit over here. You make everyone feel so welcome!

On comments, that is how I found Barbara H. I read her comments to you and thought she had such good ideas that I had to go to her blog and see what she was all about!! I now have her listied on my side bar!

Payton is so adorable!! He will soon be getting into everything that isn't nailed down!! Love and Hugs, Grams

Naomi said...

Your little grandson is lovely Cindy. Thank you for sharing his photo with us all. I'm sure you're very proud of him.

I always like to leave comments when I visit a blog (if Blogger will let me that is! - sometimes it doesn't). I always love it when people leave comments on my blog. I love to leave comments on other people's blogs too. I think it's nice and encouraging to the owner of the blog. It's nice to meet new people and make new friends too.

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