Thursday, January 27, 2005

A whole lotta bloggin' goin' on...

I'm happy to report that my blog is now part of Women4God Blogs, which bills itself as "a collection of diverse Christian blogs by Protestant (Evangelical) women from around the globe." If you're interested in joining, instructions are at the site.

Another friend of mine joins the blogosphere...

My dear friend Don Elbourne chose his birthday, January 24th (which he notes that some professor has designated "the most depressing day of the year") to launch his blog, Locusts and Wild Honey.

Writes Don: "With my feet firmly planted on the bridge and and sappy melodrama flowing onto my keyboard, I plunge headlong into the blogosphere on my thirty-seventh birthday. I doubt I’ll make much of a splash, but want to use this site to record some of my thoughts, highlight my interests, chronicle my studies, and interact with the world outside of my little pool. I look forward to the new adventure."

Don is a Baptist pastor, gifted writer, photographer, and computer whiz who is working toward his PhD in Biblical Studies. I'm indebted to him for designing my website.

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