Monday, January 03, 2005

Back from Christmas in the Great State of Texas

Katie, Elizabeth,my beautiful mom,me and Daylyn at Ballet Austin/Austin Symphony Orchestra's "The Nutcracker"

Well, it was wonderful. Doug, Elizabeth, Justin and I drove to the Austin, Texas area to spend Christmas with my mom, my son Jonathan and his wife Daylyn, my sister Lisa and her family, and my sister-in-law Jade and my brother's daughters.

Some of the highlights:

--On the way down, staying the night in Springfield, Missouri with our friend Mary and her family and dining with them at Zio's--yum!

--The Faith Baptist Church of Round Rock's Christmas program starring my amazing niece Katie and my awesome nephew Nathan--directed by my ultra-talented sister Lisa

--Eating at Chuy's (actually, way too much eating took place during the entire vacation!)--some of the best chips and salsa anywhere

--Spending time with my awesome son Jonathan and his beautiful wife Daylyn

--Getting a French manicure (thanks to Lisa) at Halina's European Day Spa in Round Rock--wow, just walking in that place made me feel pampered!

--Going to Ballet Austin/The Austin Symphony Orchestra's production of The Nutcracker--in a word, it was magical. It marked the first time I've been to a ballet, and it was simply enchanting! Also, it was girl's night out--we all got glammed up and had a blast.

--The weather--except for a few days when the temperature dipped and the winds whipped up, it was beautiful most of the time, and we rarely even had to wear coats

--On Christmas Day, going up to Mount Bonnell and following the trail up to a magnificent view of the Colorado River and gorgeous mansions lining the shore--the weather was warm and there wasn't a cloud in the sky!

--Sleeping in...well, for me, anyway! I never got up before 7:30 and even made it to 9 and 10 a couple of days!

--Sister time with Lisa--nonstop talking and laughing with one of my best friends in the world

--Going to an antique store in Taylor, Texas after seeing the Nutcracker, and finding a beautiful framed black-and-white Ballet Austin poster for four dollars!

--Spending time with my beautiful, precious mother

Those are just some of the things that come to mind. Most of all, I am so thankful that I was able to spend Christmas with my entire immediate family (Doug, Jon and Daylyn, Justin and Elizabeth) as well as several members of my extended family. Most years when I hear "I'll Be Home for Christmas" I just have to cry...but this year, Christmas Eve really did find me "where the love light gleams." :)

Of course, there was an underlying sadness with this being the first Christmas without my dad, who passed away this past July. We went out to my father's grave the day before Christmas and put a poinsettia there. We held hands, sang a song, prayed and cried.

But this poem sent to my mom by a friend, did speak to our hearts and bless us.

So now it's 2005 and life rushes on apace. To be honest, I haven't yet had time to get reflective and form some thoughts on the impact of a brand new year...but I do pray a blessed and beautiful 2005 to all who visit this blog.

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