Wednesday, January 19, 2005

All right, I admit it...

Yeah, I was plopped down on the sofa in front of the American Idol season opener last night. What's more, I enjoyed every minute of it--from wincing through some of the most awful singing I've ever heard in my life, to already starting to pull for a few of the hopefuls, to cracking up laughing at the unintentional humor of contestants like Toni Braxton's cousin Derek (what a strange singing voice!) and the delusional Mary Roach.

I have to agree with MSNB's Andy Denhart's article: Is this for real? "Are they putting us on?

"There are four possibilities here: Mary’s friends really do think she’s a good singer; her friends are liars; she’s in desperate need of professional help; she’s an improvisational actor or a radio-station intern pulling one over on the judges and on us.

"The only remotely palatable option is the last one, because the others all involve serious delusion, as did most of the other auditions that made it to the air Tuesday night."

Truly, some of the contestants were so terrible, it really did make me wonder if they were planted there for entertainment purposes.

Well, it worked for me. I was entertained, and I'm definitely on board for another season of "American Idol."

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