Wednesday, January 12, 2005

If you lost a loved one in 2004... are a member of a club you never wanted to be a part of. And you probably are familiar with the poignant sadness of experiencing a first holiday without that loved one. For me, the first Thanksgiving and Christmas without my father especially stung.

Through Cedarville alum and beautiful writer Kevin Young, I just discovered the blog of Cedarville University president Dr. Bill Brown. (As many of you know, my son Jonathan graduated from Cedarville in 2002, and my son Justin is a student there now.)

These comments of Dr. Brown resonated with me: "Missing my dad at Christmas was the most memorable memory of the holidays. Many of you have been through the same. The 'first' of everything without a loved one is always the hardest. Then you adjust.

"Being with my dad when he died has made me fear death less.[my emphasis]. Interesting. The reality of God's presence really takes over at the edges of life. That's where the 'quiet desperation' Thoreau spoke about gets loud and comforting at the same time."


I will add Dr. Brown to my blogroll and make a point of visiting him often.

You should be blogging?

LaShawn Barber
If you aren't familiar with LaShawn Barber's Corner, you're probably fairly new to the blogosphere. LaShawn's intelligent, articulate insight into political issues adds a valuable dimension to my knowledge of current affairs.

Anyway, check out her post about today about blogging. LaShawn thinks it's important and we should be doing it. For what it's worth, I'm glad I'm already on board!

Be still my beating heart...Donny Osmond has a new album out...

...and USA Today is actually giving it a positive review!

Actually, I wasn't a big fan of the adolescent Donny, but I thought his voice matured quite pleasantly in later years.

USA Today's Elysa Gardner uses the words "wholesomely funky" in describing one tune, and says: "Sure, there's enough corn on this CD to supply a multiplex theater on a rainy Sunday afternoon, but Osmond serves it with such unaffected grace that it will never make you queasy."

I'm just glad to see someone who's known as a clean-cut, nice-guy family man, actually get a good music review from the mainstream media.

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