Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Smellin' coffee...

Just now getting around to doing Ashley's last Food for Thought meme...this time, all about one of my favorite subjects...CAFFEINE!

Here we go:

Tell about your favorite:

1. coffee (gourmet or regular, whole bean or ground, black or with sugar/cream/milk)--I'm not crazy about Starbuck's coffee at Starbucks--too strong for my taste. But I like their Breakfast Blend made in the coffee pot at work, with sweetener and creamer added. Favorite creamer: Coffee-Mate's Cinnamon Vanilla Creme.

At home, I use the Black & Decker Home Cafe Brewing System I got for Christmas...it makes one very delicious cup at a time--perfect for me, because no one else in my family drinks coffee. Right now I have Millstone's Hazelnut Cream. Yum!

And believe it or not, I really enjoy the cappucino at the local gas stations. Especially when "Pumpkin Spice" is in season!

2. tea (favorite blend, home remedy)--I love Earl Grey, Constant Comment,(with only sugar and sweetener added), and I also enjoy Irish Breakfast Tea with sugar and milk.

3. hot chocolate (with milk or water, flavored or plain, marshmallows or whipped cream)--I really don't drink a lot of hot chocolate. When I do, I like to put a dollop of Cool Whip in it.

Bonus: Do you drink seasonal favorites like cider or wassail?--I love mulled apple cider. I just add Aspen Mulling Spices, and heat it up. Absolutely delicious.

With temperatures in the single-digits as we've had here lately, hot drinks are a MUST. Soups, chili, stew, coffee, tea or cocoa are very necessary comfort foods in times like these!

Appropriately, I now leave you with a few lyrics from Chris Rice's joyous "Smellin' Coffee":

"Last thing I remember, sayin’ bye to yesterday

Glad to see it over, pullin’ covers over my head

But what were You doin’ while I dreamt the night away

‘Cause I can tell that somethin’s different

And my eyes ain’t even open yet

I’m smellin’ coffee

Birds are singin’ just outside

Here comes Your mercy streamin’ in with the morning light

My heart is racing waking up to Your smile

It’s a good morning, yeah

It’s a good morning"

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