Friday, January 07, 2005

Couldn't be more appropriate...

...Ashley's Food for Thought meme is about soup today...and with temperatures dipping into the teens here, soup is sounding really good!

Here we go:

1. When was the last time you had soup? What kind was it? Was it from a restaurant, from a can, or homemade?--I actually think it was Campbell's tomato soup...which is my very favorite canned soup of all time. My mom used to give me grilled cheese and tomato soup when I was sick...what comfort food!

2. What is your favorite restaurant soup?--BeefARoo's Chicken Tortilla's AWESOME, but they only make it on certain days. I also had a really excellent seafood gumbo soup at Jason's Deli while in Texas. Tasty, just the right spiciness...yum. (Unfortunately, we don't have Jason's Deli here. :( )

3. What is your favorite canned soup?--See number one! Coming in a distant second would be Campbell's chicken gumbo.

4. What is your favorite homemade soup?--Probably this Taco Soup that I've blogged about's wonderful! I also love chicken soup, but I hate to de-bone chicken!

Bonus: Cornbread or crackers?--Oh, no contest...CORNBREAD!!!

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