Monday, January 24, 2005

Million Dollar Rip-off?

Far be it from me to "spoil" a movie that has a great big hidden twist. BUT...after reading the article in USA Today about Million Dollar Baby, I was curious.

I had seen the trailer and thought how heartwarming and inspiring the movie looked--Clint Eastwood a father-figure trainer to against-all-odds female boxer Hilary Swank--and even commented to friends and relatives that I'd like to see the movie.

Well, not any more. In USA Today, conservative film critic Michael Medved says, "It is dishonest in its marketing. They didn't want to tell people what it is because no one would come."

I was curious enough that I went to conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel's website and read her whole article about the movie, spoilers and all.

After reading it, I agree with the person who emailed Dan Kaiser of The Movie Spoiler: "To keep something that totally changes what the film is about hidden like that, to me, is deceiving. If they had that in the preview, I would not want to see it. I would have been so angry had I spent my money."

I won't be seeing this movie, either.

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