Thursday, May 22, 2008

A tragedy for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman

: Here is a site where you can go to leave your personal condolences to Steven and his family.

"After our first trip to China, my wife and I knew our lives were changing
— our eyes and hearts were opening to how big God really is, and we have wanted
to experience more of that"

Just after reporting yesterday the happy news of the engagement of Steven Curtis Chapman's oldest daughter, some tragic news for the Chapman family.

AP reports today that the youngest of Chapman's adopted daughters, 5-year-old Maria, has died after being run over in the family driveway.

Please keep the family in your prayers.

Chapman and his wife have been active in promoting international adoption, and founded Shaohannah's Hope, a foundation and ministry to financially assist thousands of couples in adoption.


Girl Raised in the South said...

I just read of this on another blog, and will be praying for this family. How completely devastating.

Solameanie said...

This really hurts. Obviously we need to pray for the whole family, but especially the teen who ran over his sister. I'm sure he's beyond devastated.

Jen said...

This is just so heartbreaking. What they're going through is unimaginable.

Daylyn and Jonathan said...

I just saw this story on MSN and was completely blown away. My heart goes out to their whole family. I have been inspired by their love for their adoption foundation and children around the world. God be with them.

Cathy said...

Oh, Cindy, that is horrible. I heard about it just now on the Fox News.

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