Thursday, September 01, 2011

From the Archives:Thursday 13: 13 of My Favorite Recipes

Nine of these are ones I've featured here on this blog...the other five are ones that I plan to try because they look delicious!

Here we go:

7. One of my all-time favorites: The Weight Watchers graham cracker dessert

9. My beef stew recipe (again, scroll down)

And here are a few I've tried or want to try

10. Sauerkraut salad--I know, sauerkraut...but I had this at a restaurant in Texas and it was fantastic! My sister Lisa made this recipe using Splenda instead of Equal, with great results.

11. Orange Beef Stir-Fry with Broccoli and Red Pepper--I've made this one, and my family loved it

12. As a diabetic, I really miss carrot cake--so I want to try this Carrot Ginger Muffin Recipe I saw in the current Women's Health magazine.

13. This Chipotle Chicken Alfredo Pizza , currently being featured at Ashley's Cafe, the recipe blog of Ashley, who happens to be a Pampered Chef rep. It looks mouth-watering! In fact, scrolling down the page on this blog is enough to make me gain five pounds. Everything looks so delicious.

I'm participating today in Thursday Thirteen!


colleen said...

Good carrot cake is my favorite. If I have one I never eat more than 4 bites. Any more and I don't feel good, probably blood sugar too. I wish I liked cooking more.

Alice Audrey said...

I was just thinking I should come up with something new for lunch. Thanks.

- Alice

Heather said...

A couple of these do sound good. Thanks for stopping by today!

Janet said...

mmm, now I'm hungry! Thanks for playing :-)

e-Mom said...

Oh dear, now I'm hungry! Thanks for sharing your favs with us. :~D

I am Harriet said...

The graham cracker dessert is a good one.

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