Monday, November 10, 2003

Yummy Taco Soup Recipe

As the days get nippier (at least in my part of the country--heck, nippy nothing, it's dipped into the 20's several times),
thought I'd share a really delicious recipe for Taco Soup. It's actually from Weight Watchers, so it's lean and low-fat, but don't tell anyone that will be put off by the fact that it's actually good for you. :)


1 pound very lean ground beef
1 cup chopped onion
1 large can Mexican-style Ro-Tel Tomatoes (or two regular)
1 can pinto beans
1 can black beans
1 can chili beans
1 can corn
1 packet Taco seasoning mix
1 packet Ranch style dressing mix

Brown the beef with the chopped onion; drain. Add other ingredients; DO NOT DRAIN beans and corn.

Cook and simmer until all the flavors are nicely mixed. You might want to serve with some shredded cheddar for sprinkling over the top.

You could also make this in the crockpot (brown the ground beef first, of course), and come home from work or church to a ready-made meal. Add corn muffins or tortilla chips and a tossed salad if you like.


Spent the weekend at the Sanctuary of Mary and Joseph...

Actually, that's the setting of "Valkyries" Books One and Two. Yes, I read BOTH of them in their entirety over the weekend...and still managed to clean, do laundry, visit my sister-in-law, go grocery-shopping, out to dinner with friends, and to church twice on Sunday!

The books are that good. Read my review of them on my website.

I'm also planning to do a radio interview with the author, Jeri Massi. Quite frankly, I'm in awe of her writing talent. These books are unusual in Christian fiction! I know Jeri through an Internet forum, and I've always been struck by her brilliant wordsmithing. (wordsmithery? whatever: the lady can write!)


Wedding plans continue on apace...

I'm just finishing sending Daylyn the last of the wedding invitation addresses from our side...and am embarrassingly tardy in doing so. I'm afraid we haven't made the best impression as future in-laws, when it comes to getting wedding-related things done in an expeditious manner.

Just a few more addresses that it will take a bit of detective work to track down, and I'm all set. Now we just have to make motel reservations, make reservations for the rehearsal dinner, get Doug and Justin fitted for their tuxes, get Elizabeth's bridesmaid dress made, and get a dress for myself put on layaway. Doug and I need to crack down on our normally procrastination-prone selves and get on the stick!

Often in a marriage, one person is the procrastinator and the other is the efficient type. Don't get me wrong, Doug is much more efficient and organized than I am, but we both tend to procrastinate. NOT GOOD!

I need to keep reciting one of Franklin Covey's mantras for highly successful people: Be proactive!

I am looking forward to the wedding, though. Daylyn is a lovely and precious girl, and Jonathan is madly in love with her. For a pic of them, click here.

She is going to be a lovely bride!

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