Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biggest Loser Update: Those pesky donuts

(Note: My "update" of The Biggest Loser is really more about my impressions than an actual retelling of everything that happened in the show)

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Well, it's Week 2 of this season, and all the participants are slowly starting to come into focus for me.

Early standouts were Antone, the fearful former NFL player, and Ramon, the young tattoo artist with the handsome face and sweet spirit.

Now I'm also recognizing Sunny, the schoolteacher who (rightly) took such offense at Black Team-mate John calling her "dumb as a box of rocks"; Jennifer, the gorgeous brunette who found out last night that she has a ton of health problems looming; and Jessica, whose jealous boyfriend helped sabotage her into gaining over 100 pounds.

Some random thoughts:

--John apologized to Sunny for the obviously false slurs on her intelligence, but I'm not sure how I feel about him right now. I always cringe when BL contestants go ahead and eat like pigs to win a challenge. The 37 donuts he consumed ended up not hurting his weight loss, but...I'm going to have to see more of John being a nice guy.

--Bonnie. I like her--she seems like a sweet lady--but I have to question why the producers would let someone on the show who can barely get around, thanks to a bad knee. Maybe they're trying to make a point that there IS hope for weight loss after knee surgery?

I hate to say it (since I would actually be part of the "old" team if I was there), but the slowness of the old team just makes me sigh. (With the exception of Becky, who doesn't seem that old at all.)

I feel bad for Anna Kournikova, who was stuck with a very low-achieving team that is now dwindling in numbers. I like Anna--she's shown herself to be very caring and good-intentioned--but I'm still not convinced she's the caliber of trainer that needs to be on the show. We'll see.

The ghost of Jillian Michaels haunts the gym. (No, don't worry, she's not dead--but I fear her spirit is there feeling awfully frustrated because she can't take some of these people, royally kick their behinds and whip them into shape.)

Still loving Bob--he can pretty much do no wrong in my book.

Still loving Dolvett, whose brilliant smile and caring spirit go all Jillian once he hits the gym. Honestly, I think he's the best addition the show, when it comes to trainers, that I've seen since I've been watching--and I first starting watching when that obnoxious Kim was on.

Two-hour workouts

The premise of this week's episode was to allow each team only two hours of work-outs a day, with the idea that when they get back to "the real world," that's probably the maximum that most of them will be able to manage.

It was good to see that the participants still lost weight--and remember, the 2nd week is usually the time when they don't lose much, thanks to their often-huge first week loss.


The producers always try to stir up a little drama, which isn't necessary at all, because that's not what we watch the show for. We watch (or at least I do) to be inspired by a group of people who are transforming their lives.

The John vs. Sunny thing was quickly resolved, though, and as I said earlier, we'll have to see if John is on good behavior from here on out.


I'm sorry, but I wasn't sad at all to see Boston Johnny go home. It annoys me like crazy when I see contestants get on the show--a chance thousands of people would give a LOT for--and whine and moan and constantly talk about quitting.

I'm truly glad that Johnny was able to successfully lose weight at home--I'm really happy for him. But I'm not going to miss him.

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