Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Remembering Rich Mullins

It's hard to believe, but today is the 10th anniversary of the death of Christian singer Rich Mullins. Rich was killed in a car wreck in Illinois ten years ago tonight.

My friend Randy had the opportunity to talk with Rich several times during Randy's radio career. He recently blogged:
"Rich Mullins taught me about living free and not in bondage. When I first met Rich, I thought, 'What planet is this guy from?' But, along the way, he taught me so much about the freedom Christ offers. I’m grateful for the valuable lesson he taught me. Rich was the poet for the common man and he definitely wrote songs that were like poetry to my soul."

Randy also counts Rich's "Never Picture Perfect" among his top 10 favorite albums of all time.

I only briefly met Rich in passing a few times at the radio station, and I must admit, my appreciation for his giftedness only really began to grow after his death. When you look at it, the number of great songs he penned is really amazing. Among my favorites: "If I Stand," "Elijah," "Hold Me, Jesus," "On the Verge of a Miracle," "Hope to Carry On," "Sometimes by Step"..the list goes on.

If you have a favorite Rich Mullins song or memory, do let me know in my comments section. (Oh...and about the comments section. Donna-Jean and Ashley both wondered why I have a place for "Comments" and a place for "Notes to You." It's simply two different ways you can powered by Haloscan, and one by Blogger.)

Also, this note:

Christian Newswire reports that an online interview series called "In Their Words" is starting with a tribute to Rich.

And here's a link to a cool video set to the music of Rich's "Calling Out Your Name." It features Rich playing the hammered dulcimer, one of the many instruments on which he was proficient.

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Randy said...


What a wonderful tribute to Rich! For those that don't know, I found out that Rich passed away from a letter I received from you. Cindy, I still miss him to this day. It's ironic but he grew up in nearly the same area that I did. I have visited his grave a few times and still can't believe he's gone from this earth.

Thanks for the mention about my favorite CD of his, "Never Picture Perfect." He'll always be in my top three of all time favorite Christian artists. I was fortunate to spend a lot of time through the years with Rich. He taught me a lot about grace. Actually, if the truth be known, Rich was the catalyst for me losing my legalism.

Now, Cindy, I will have to do a tribute to him as well. I have some rare audio clips that few have heard and will put one or two on my post. For your readers they may want to jog over to my blog and listen to them. (There's no humility here about promoting my blog, ha.)

However, Rich Mullins made my life a lot better in so many ways. I also recommend the book, "An Arrow Pointing To Heaven." I couldn't keep a dry eye reading it.

Thanks again for remembering one of my favorite artists of all time.
And...I know I'm only one out of thousands that were touched by him!

Love ya Sis,


Cindy Swanson said...

Randy, I'll definitely check out your tribute to Rich. Also, my daughter and I both read "An Arrow Pointing to Heaven"...terrific book.

Never apologize for promoting your blog in my comments section. I want all my commenters to feel free to do so...(as long as their blogs are family friendly, of course!)

Randy Adams said...
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Randy said...


You'll get a good chuckle from how tired Rich sounds as he talks about "Never Picture Perfect." The guy was so worn out. He later told me in person that he was so tired he could hardly stay awake.

Also, not just because you have applauded my blog before, but you do have one, if not the best, blog on the net. I feel like I would have missed my morning dose of caffiene if I didn't read your blog daily. But, again, I'm not biased, haha.

Miss ya,


Ann-Marie said...

I was in college at Moody when Rich died. Since everything is bigger in college, especially a Christian college, we had a huge memorial service for Rich.

There were posters all over campus and by all the elevators. I always remember I found out about his death by reading the poster while waiting by the elevator to go to class.

I remember all of us (probably 3,000 college kids) singing Hold Me, Jesus at the service. It was a an amazing tribute to a very humble man. As it should have been.

Joyful Days said...

Rich Mullins was one of a kind. I love "Hold Me Jesus" but oddly enough I've always liked "Jacob and Two Women" too.

Wonderful tribute.

Matt Brown said...

As always, you're too kind, Cindy. And, very nice tribute for Rich - I was there was more music like his these days.

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