Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Around the blogosphere...

Our radio stations, 101QFL and Radio 91, are in the middle of our yearly fundraising Sharathon, from which I'm taking a short break at the moment. Since I don't have anything of major import to blog about, I'm just going to let you know what's going on with some of the blogs I read regularly. Check them out when you get a chance!

--Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee is going to see Clinton Kelly of "What Not to Wear" at Macy's! How cool is that?

--The lovely Miss O'Hara has changed the name of her blog.

--DK of A Flyover Blog reminds us that this is National Dog Week, and shares a cute video.

--Randy reflects on a great Michael W. Smith album.

--Mel at The Amazing Shrinking Mom passes along a link to some core exercises.

--Butterfly Mama gets an adorable haircut.

--Darlene Schacht tells us about a blog aimed at encouraging dieters, called "Bringing Healthy Back"--I'm definitely going to check this one out!

--Katy McKenna Raymond talks about connecting with other writers at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference.

--Ann-Marie gets a lesson in "Do unto others..."

--Paula at GraceReign has an interview with author Lisa Tawn Bergren.

--Rodney Olsen of The Journey blogs about a couple who are divorcing after they each had online romances--with each other! What irony.

--Mei Flower loves "Chuck."

--Miscellaneous Creativity has found the perfect marriage of drums and computers.

--Pisgah View clues us in on Christian TV topics and guest for this week.

--Robin Lee Hatcher feautures an interview with author Tamera Alexander.

--Semicolon reviews some Christian fiction.

--Solameanie has his own take on "the Jena Six."

--Solo Femininity shares some terrific-looking recipes.

--Barbara at Stray Thoughts share some good reads and good contests.

--Saija shares some gorgeous photos.

This is just a sampling--all I have time for right now--but I hope you'll check out some of these great blogs. Happy reading!


Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

Thanks for the mention!

OK, not, you've added significantly to my list of things to read! :)

Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi I saw all these wonderful places to visit so I just linked your blog to mine and told every one you had some wonderful blogs to visit today!!! Hope this is ok!!

Rodney Olsen said...

Thanks for the link, Cindy.

I hope your Sharathon is a huge success and that it provides everything you need to keep your wonderful ministry powering on.

Ann-Marie said...

Cindy - thanks for the link!

I checked out "Chuck" last night and was pleasantly surprised. Not so with the clunky Journeyman.

The announcer kept saying JourneyMAN (emphasis on MAN, so the word was barely recognizable by the time he mangled it). Also, the guy playing the lead looks like he should have tried out for Cavemen. Seriously, he has a Cro-Magnon face and (I'm not kidding you) short man-bangs. That, plus a paper thin premise made it almost unbearable to watch. Augh!

Hope you were spared!

Saija said...

that is a sweet up-date! reminds me that i need to go see Rodney more often too!

and you know what, Cindy? lately i have had trouble viewing your blog ... it takes a while to download and seems sticky ... ? maybe it's just me - but in case some others have this problem that may keep them away - thought i would mention it ...

Lord bless you, as you ALWAYS encourage and inform!

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Cindy, I got your name from Carolyn at Talk. to. Grams. I like to
visit new blog sites and find new friends.Have a good night. Baba

Katy McKenna said...

Thanks for the mention, Cindy! I was just thinking before I popped over here how much you would LOVE the ACFW conference. So many wonderful authors are there, plus classes to get your own fiction off and running. You KNOW you want to!! :)

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