Monday, January 29, 2007

Supper Swapping!

I interviewed Susan Thacker, author of Supper Swapping

Have you and your husband ever looked at each other and said simultaneously, "We eat out WAY too much!"
Is gathering your family around the dinner table becoming more and more of a rarity?

Well, an enterprising Texas woman came up with a way to make sure her family feasted on home-cooked meals for at least four days a week. I was able to interview Susan Thacker last week for my interview show, Weekend Rockford. Here she explains how she came up with the idea of supper-swapping:

Ten years of taking turns making meals with a friend ended up as a cookbook: Supper Swapping-Cook Four Days a Month with Chefs' & Restaurants' Easy Recipes. Susan even speaks to groups about the benefits of the family dinner.
Susan's website has lots of good info, including recipes, tips for moms, and how to order her cookbook.

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