Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bored with your blog?

I'm not...yet

"No one lives this particular life but me. No one can describe this exact moment but me. No one inhabits this sphere and orbits this trajectory but me. This life is unique. That alone makes my story worth recording...

"So I write, even when nothing happens of note. I’m leaving footprints, broken twigs along the path, wisps of torn spiderwebs to mark my path."--Mel of Actual Unretouched Photo

I thought of the above quote today when I read BJ Hoff's post about the declining interest in blogging. It seems a lot of bloggers are throwing in the towel, through boredom, lack of time, or a variety of other reasons.

Well, after over three years of blogging, I'm not ready to quit yet. I do take occasional breaks, and I don't feel pressured to update my blog daily--although I do update it regularly.

I agree with Mel's thoughts on blogging--that by doing so, I'm leaving a unique mark however small, on the blogosphere. I also see blogging as a sort of platform. As a newsperson, I'm constantly running across things I think people should know about. Here, I can give my personal spin on news and events. It's also, hopefully, a liaison between me and my 101QFL and Radio 91 listeners.

It's also one way of implementing my life's mission statement: "O Lord, let your light shine on others through me."

Or I can just be light and silly. It's my perogative, because it's my blog.

I'm not saying the day will never come when I'll be ready to silence these notes in the key of life...but unless I'm greatly mistaken, I don't see it happening any time soon.

How about you? Are you bored with blogging yet? Do you see yourself continuing to blog indefinitely?

Speaking of stuff to let you know about:

In what grotesque, awful universe is it deemed perfectly OK, and even "art," to depict a 12-year-old girl being raped in a movie? Apparently ours.

Joel Griffith and Kingdom Advancing have been among those blogging about this disturbing Dakota Fanning movie.

--Lisa Samson is offering free copies of her latest book, with a string or two attached. (My advice: jump at it. She's one of my favorite authors.)

--Angela Hunt doesn't claim to be a big football fan, but she sure loves her some Tony Dungy...and I must say, he seems like a remarkable man.

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