Friday, January 26, 2007

Open Mic Friday!

Your chance to shine

This is Open Mic Friday on my blog. I'm inviting you to provide a link to a blog, a post, a site--anything you think is worthy of sharing, and that includes your OWN blogs and posts. Please leave the link and a short description in my comments section. As time allows, I'll try to move the links into this post.

As always, one caveat: please make sure it's clean and family-friendly.

Couple more things to tell you about:

Complete this survey about blogging and be in the running to win an iPod shuffle.

(Hat tip to Rodney Olsen of The Journey.)

Mandisa Revisited

Author Angela Hunt has co-written a book with former American Idol contestant Mandisa Hundley. She was the amazing vocalist who put Simon in his place with grace and style, and she is an outspoken Christian. I'm looking forward to reading this!

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