Thursday, January 25, 2007

13 Great Things about Illinois

Rockford's beautiful Coronado Theater

Many of my loved ones live in Texas, and that's where my familial roots run deep. But I've lived in Illinois for some 28 years now, and there are some great things about the state. Here we go (in no particular order):

1) Italian food--My town of Rockford has a significant Italian-American heritage, and it's obvious in our wonderful Italian restaurants. And I don't think you can get pizza anywhere in the world that's any better than that in some of our simple mom-and-pop Italian eateries!

2) Da Bears--Love 'em or hate 'em, they're one of the most charismatic, history-filled football teams in the nation. And they're SUPER BOWL BOUND!

3) Chicago--Only one of the coolest, most exciting, most awesome cities in the world, and I live in its backyard.

4) Clean, uncorrupted politics----All right, all right, I'm kidding!

5) Abraham Lincoln--Yup, this is the Land o' Lincoln. And one of these days I'm going to make it down to the Lincoln Museum in Springfield.

6) Amazingly beautiful autumns and springtimes---They almost make it worth putting up with the long winters and hot, humid summers.

And a few things particular to the Illinois town in which I live, Rockford--

7) BeefARoo--The best fast food anywhere. I actually feel sorry for those of you that don't have it.

8) The Coronado Theater--insanely beautiful. Simply a masterpiece. Take a virtual tour here.

9) The Rockford Park District--one of the best park systems anywhere. Gorgeous, well-kept parks and facilities.

10) Rockford public golf courses--OK, I don't play golf, but everyone who does agrees Rockford's public courses are fantastic.

11) The Stockholm Inn--The best Swedish pancakes this side of Sweden!

12) The Rockford Riverhawks--Hometown baseball--what better way to spend a balmy summer evening? (And my husband happens to be their chaplain.)

13) 101QFL and Radio my humble opinion, two of the best radio stations around!

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