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A meaner, crueler AI?...Ethics bill passes without that disturbing clause...and give me a link you love!

UPDATE:Just one person bit on my offer to showcase a link of his/her choice. Carrie of Mommy Brain blogs about her family's search for a church.Thanks, Carrie! :)

UPDATE 1/22/07: A couple more links to let you know about!

--Vicki of Cashmere Kitty has some wise words concerning the ladies' restroom. I agree!

--Dianne at Unfinished Work has 13 Quotes from Philip Yancey's book about prayer.

I'm thinking...maybe if I'm consistent with providing this "forum" on Fridays, I'll get more people to give me their links. Thanks to the few who participated!

I had been thinking that American Idol seems to be meaner this season. They're dwelling way too long on the really horrible auditions. In past years, I've found them pretty humorous; this year, I agree with Robin Lee Hatcher that they're leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Robin's open letter to American Idol expresses my views perfectly.

Apparently we're not the only ones with misgivings. Mei Flower thinks they need to lay off the developmentally disabled contestants...and this article delves thoroughly into Idol's "mean streak."

Granted, I don't understand how some of these young people ever get the horribly mistaken idea that they can sing. And they must realize that by being on the show, they're opening themselves up to any ridicule the judges want to dish out. But as I commented on Robin's blog, the judges do know how to be "cruel to be kind," and they've shown they can do that without destroying someone or making fun of their looks. Ease up, that's all I'm saying.

By the way, does anyone know how the early audition process works? Surely Simon, Randy and Paula don't see all 16-thousand wannabe's in a city? What kind of weeding out takes place before the contestants actually get to S,R & P--and if there is a weeding-out process, does that mean the ridiculously horrible people are being sent in just for entertainment purposes? Just curious...


Disturbing provision removed from ethics bill

Some good news from out of Washington for a change. Before passing an ethics bill, the senate voted to remove a provision that was opposed, not only by Christian groups like Focus on the Family Action and the Traditional Values Coalition, but the ACLU as well. (I blogged about this provision last week.)

The provision would have required anyone who sought to influence 500 or more people on an issue to file detailed legal and financial disclosures.

Reportedly, violators could have faced up to ten years in prison and
200-thousand-dollar fines. The AP quotes the ACLU's Marvin Johnson as saying that fear of incurring those penalties would have stifled grassroots activism.

Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition applauds the senate action.

It would be interesting to see how much of an impact was made by the online petitions on the issue.

Henry Blackaby hospitalized

It seems we've been requesting prayer for a lot of high-profile evangelical men lately. This time, it's Experiencing God author and teacher, Rev. Henry Blackaby.

Blackaby is hospitalized in intensive care after reportedly experiencing severe pain with a reduced heart rate from an infection.

Updates are available on his website.

OK, if you've made it this far...give me your links!

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So, here's your chance to shine. Give me your links!

P.S. Thanks for the good wishes concerning my health. I'm on the mend...unfortunately, my husband is still not doing well at all. :(

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