Monday, October 03, 2005

While everyone else is blogging about Harriet Miers...

I thought I'd introduce you to a few bloggers I've recently discovered.

And I shall yet praise Him

And I shall yet praise Him is the blog of Carol Feistel, who along with her husband Malcom is a missionary to Taiwan. I actually worked at a Christian radio station with Malcom many years ago. The Feistels are currently back in the States, where Malcom is being treated for colon cancer.

This blog is so beautifully and scripturally written, it could be a devotional. Carol is transparent in her struggles, but transcendant in her faith. She is an inspiration.

She Lives

The picture of Carol (a different Carol from the above-mentioned) among the bluebonnets grabbed me immediately; I'm a sucker for just about anything Texan! But Carol continues to draw me in with her lovely writing and spirit. Lately, she's been reporting on how her New Orleans family members have been weathering the aftermath of Katrina.

Mei Flower

I'm not even sure how I found this young woman's blog--oh yeah, I just remembered--she made some comments about Jessica Simpson's "Boots" video that I totally agreed with. Now, I visit frequently, thank's to "Mei's" quirky sense of humor and appealingly laid-back style.

I Drank What?

This is one of the most entertaining blogs I've ever encountered. You can tell just by reading it that Pecadillo is funny and fun to be around. Plus, he's a Cubs fan...and having two young twenty-something sons who have great senses of humor and are Cubs fans, I guess I have a soft spot for those types.

There are so many terrific blogs out there; there's no way you could read even a fraction of them every day. But some of them just stand out, for whatever reason, and these are a few that do.

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