Thursday, October 27, 2005

Giving the Sox their due

...but not all Cubs fans are biSOXuals!

Well, the Chicago White Sox were able to do what the Cubs haven't been able to a World Series after decades upon decades of NOT doing so. I love Chicago, and thanks to my husband and sons, I root for Chicago sports teams, so I have to give the Sox the glory due them now.

But not every Illinoisan feels that way.

My husband, a lifelong Cubs fan, has been quite gracious toward the Sox, although I'm sure it must've stuck in his gullet to root for them. What was he going to do, pull for the Astro's? Uh, not happening. My hubby's view: hey, it's a Chicago team, and their win is going to be good for Chicago sports all round.

However, my son Jonathan says he refuses to be a "biSOXual"--a Cubs fan rooting for the Sox. He tells why here.

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