Monday, October 17, 2005

What do you do with Halloween?

If you're a Christian, how do you handle Halloween? Sharper Iron sent a call out for articles on that subject, I responded, and they used my article.

As I see it, there are different ways of dealing with what has become second only to Christmas as the favorite family holiday. Some Christians think it's perfectly harmless, and joyfully enter into the fun...others decry the dark pagan roots of the holiday. Some provide alternatives like Harvest or Hallelujah parties. How do you feel?

Chessboxing...the thinking man's sport?

Yes, there is such a thing. The strange hybrid sport even has its own website.

I first heard of it today from my co-host on 101QFL, Darren Marlar.

According to this site, "The basic idea in chessboxing is to combine the no.1 thinking sport and the no.1 fighting sport into a hybrid that demands the most of its competitors – both mentally and physically.

"In a chessboxing fight two opponents play alternating rounds of chess and boxing. The contest starts with a round of chess, followed by a boxing round, followed by another round of chess and so on."

All of which led Darren to speculate on what's next in the world of hybrid sports. Candy-Land Jiu Jitsu? Chutes 'n Ladders Kickboxing? The possibilities are endless...

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