Monday, October 24, 2005

Got some time on your hands?

Volunteers are still needed in Mississippi

Maybe they've moved off the headlines, but the troubles haven't disappeared for Katrina victims in Mississippi.

My friend Don Elbourne, whose Lakeshore Baptist Church facility was destroyed in the hurricane, is sending out a plea for volunteers.

Don says a team from New Jersey has been wonderful, but they have to go home. The New Jersey team, specifically Donna-Jean of Liberty and Lily, learned of Don's plight through my blog, so I'm thrilled to have been somehow instrumental in helping.

Ann reports on her experiences helping Lakeshore here (she has some great pics, too.)

In my own town of Rockford, volunteers from Morningstar Baptist Church and Heartland Community Church have been doing their part as well. God bless all of those who are putting action to compassion.

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