Thursday, April 28, 2005

The conspiracy to vote Scott Savol American Idol!

NO! Not Constantine! I shrieked (well, not out loud), when I saw that the dramatic, sometimes pretentious but always entertaining Greek-American rocker had been voted off American Idol last night.

I never thought Constantine would win it all, but I had hoped to have him around for at least a few weeks more. And I was baffled by the fact that the singer who I think should have been gone long ago is still hanging on--Scott Savol.

Now, I don't really think Scott is that bad a singer...he's just not one of the best that has been on there in recent weeks. Anwar before Scott??? Constantine before Scott??? For that matter, Nikko before Scott??? Uh-uh.

Well, check this out.

We were chatting about it on 101QFL this morning, and a couple of listeners called in to let us know that there is actually a website that encourages you to vote for Scott BECAUSE he's the worst singer!

Not only that, but there may actually be a conspiracy of sorts underway to do just that, with college students across America networking to vote for Scott in order to "vote for the worst."

From the website (which, by the way, fair warning: is NOT family friendly, especially the tag-comments):

"American Idol is the most watched television series in the world, but a pattern has emerged that makes the show pretty boring. The producers and judges pick one contestant to 'p*mp' and this contestant ends up winning, making American Idol less a show where the viewers pick the winner and more a show where the judges and producers get the viewers to vote for who they like. Borrrrrrring.

"So, here at, we have a solution. Help us by voting for the worst that American Idol has to offer. That's right, vote for the bad contestants."

And how about these encouraging words: "This show is not about finding the next big superstar. Your favorite contestant probably won't win, and will probably get a record contract anyway if they're good enough. Besides, TV is supposed to be about the entertainment value, and what's more entertaining than a fish out of water outlasting the big fish and sharks?"


I think it's next week that ABC is supposed to air its expose of American Idol. Dirt will be dished, I'm sure.

But I really hope that American Idol won't be proven to be a great big scam. I truly enjoy the competition, and I think the talent has been terrific this season particularly.

But I guess if Scott Savol does win, it will undermine the show's credibility in my eyes, and I'll have to re-think being a fan of it. Scott is not the best singer or performer in the competition--much better singers than he is didn't even make it to the finals.

Maybe I'll just switch to Nashville Star. :)

In the meantime? Still pulling for Carrie or Vonzell, and I wouldn't be upset if Bo took it all.

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